Video: First Ascent of The Grand Illusion (V16) Bouldering Route

We’ve all had our pandemic projects to help keep us busy during this unusual time. For climbers Nathaniel Coleman and Drew Ruana, that project has been a little bouldering problem that has confounded many that have come before them. The route is known as The Grand Illusion, and it was first started by none other than Chris Sharma.

But Coleman and Ruana went to finish it off, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. This incredibly well-shot video is a joy to watch. The opening scene alone had me riveted, particularly when I realized that what my brain thought it was seeing, wasn’t actually what it was seeing.

A mesmerizing clip to say the least and one that is likely to leave your palms sweating and your heart thumping. Sensational climbing and camerawork throughout.

Kraig Becker