Video: How Everest is—and isn’t—the Tallest Mountain on the Planet

Every once in awhile when I mention Everest being the tallest mountain on the planet, I’ll get someone who responds with how that simply isn’t true. Their argument of course is that Mauna Kea in Hawaii is actually taller, which is absolutely true. The problem is, the majority of Mauna Kea Is actually under the surface of the ocean.

So while technically it is taller than Everest, it doesn’t reach such towering heights. In terms of altitude, Everest falls at 8848 meters (29,029 ft), while Mauna Kea climbs to just 4207 meters (13,803 ft). This video takes this little nuggets of info and runs with it, providing some information on both peaks along the way.

So what are your thoughts? Do you consider Everest to be the tallest mountain on the planet or does that honor go to Mauna Kea instead?

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Video: How Everest is—and isn’t—the Tallest Mountain on the Planet”

  1. Actually Chimborazo is due to the bulge at the Earth’s equator. Can’t get closer to space and still be on land.

  2. Actually, if you measure by distance from the center of the earth to the summit, then Chimbarazo volcano in Ecuador wins by about 6,800 feet.

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