Video: Long Way Up — Patagonia to L.A. in an Electric Adventure Vehicle

If you’ve been looking for something to scratch your adventure itch, it seems like Rivian and Apple TV+ may have just the thing. The two companies have joined forces to release a new travel show that is coming to Apple’s streaming service on September 18.

The program will follow along as a team of adventures takes two of Rivian’s R1T electric pick-up trucks from the southernmost point of South America in Patagonia all the way to Los Angles. In order to do that, the start-up vehicle manufacturer had to build out an electric charging network and plan a number of logistics.

That alone should be fascinating to watch, but they also passed through 13 countries and covered 13,000+ miles (20,920+ km) while en route. If the preview above is any indication, they saw some pretty epic scenery along the way. After watching the short teaser, I’m already looking forward to this.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Video: Long Way Up — Patagonia to L.A. in an Electric Adventure Vehicle”

  1. I thought the journey was about Ewan & Charlie continuing their motorcycle adventures i.e. Long Way Round, Long Way Down etc? This teaser suggests it’s been ‘hijacked’ by Rivian and it’s all about THEIR journey? No mention of Ewan & Charlie and their use of electric motorcycles which is what the trip was about for them? Certainly an interesting spin on things! Will the Travel Show cover any aspects of the motorcycle trip?

    • I found that interesting too Bob. I didn’t even know that Charlie and Ewan were involved until I saw another article about the show. Glad to see the “Long Way” team back together, and the influence from those shows was obvious from the trailer, but no mention of the two “stars” seems odd to me.

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