Review: Generark HomePower Backup Battery Power Station and SolarPower One Portable Solar Panel

For more than a decade, the team at Goal Zero has been leading the pack for portable power stations built for use in the outdoors. Their products not only offer plenty of battery life and charging ports but are designed to survive and function even in harsh conditions. As a result, the company’s products have set the benchmark for all of the similar products that I’ve tested and reviewed over the years.

But as the competition has heated up in this market segment, the gap back to the rest of the industry has begun to narrow. A great example of this is the Generark HomePower One power station and its SolarPower One portable solar panels— a portable power solution impressive in its design and performance.

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Generark HomePower One Power Station

When evaluating any compact power device for use in the field, there are three things that you always need to consider. The first of those is how much battery life it provides.

In the case of the HomePower One backup battery power station, that is just a shade over 1000 watt-hours (278,400 mAh), which Generark says is enough to keep critical devices functioning for up to seven days. However, that’s a bit ambiguous, so keep this in mind; that’s enough power in a single charge to recharge a smartphone more than 100 times, with juice left over to spare.

Paired with Generarks SolarPower One portable solar panels, these products offer enough juice to allow you to rest easy whether you’re camping or weathering a storm at home.

The Fine Details of the HomePower One Backup Battery Power Station

The next thing you’ll want to evaluate when buying a portable power station is how many charging ports it provides. The HomePower One excels in this category too, coming equipped with two USB-A ports (5V/2.4A and QC 3.0) certified by Qualcomm quick charge 3.0, two USB-C ports (PD 18W), and a 12-volt car outlet.

It also features three 110V AC outlets, which is one or two more than most of the competition at this price point. This adds a fantastic level of convenience and adaptability, allowing you to plug in television sets, small refrigerators, and similar home appliances, as well as drones, camera equipment, or just about anything else you can think of.

This backup power bank also provides plenty of safety and reliability features, making it an emergency power supply you can trust in a pinch. These features include:

  • Fully rechargeable battery which can be charged via the Generark solar generator or the AC outlets in your car or home. 
  • Pure sine wave outlets to manage surge power and protect your electronics and appliances.
  • 6 protection features including: temperature control, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, over voltage protection, overcharge protection, and over current protection—making this model perfectly safe for use indoors and in the tent.  

Efficient as an Emergency Power Supply and for Base Camp Use, but Not Made for the Backcountry

The final thing you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping for a power station like this one is how much it weighs. The HomePower One tips the scales at 23.4 pounds (10.6 kg), which is pretty much right in line with what you’d expect from a 1000-watt model.

That makes it a bit too heavy to take on a backpacking trip, for instance, but perfect for car camping, use around the base camp, or as an emergency power supply for your home in the case of a power outage. Smaller models are lighter, of course, but offer less charging capacity too.

Generark SolarPower One Portable Solar Panel

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The companion to any portable high-capacity power bank is a good solar panel power generator, and the HomePower is no exception. To keep its generator up and running in the field, Generark has built the SolarPower One solar panel, a lightweight and efficient panel that offers a few extra options that help to set it apart from the field.

A Packable and Effective Solar Generator to Charge the HomePower One

Available in both 100- and 200-watt models (I tested the 100w version), the SolarPower One promises a 50% higher solar power conversion efficiency over traditional solar panels thanks to its monocrystalline solar cells. It’s difficult to know if there is any merit to that claim, but I will say that my tests of this solar generator did indeed perform very well, particularly in bright, direct sunlight.

As with all solar panels of this type, the performance was impacted by clouds, shade, and direct sunlight exposure. Under optimal conditions, though, the HomePower One can be recharged in about eight or nine hours.

Does the Generark Solar Generator Stand Up to the Competition?

Having tested several portable solar panels, a couple of things stood out with this model. First was the built-in kickstand, which made it very easy to set up the SolarPower One and get the best angle on the sun imaginable. This feature may seem minuscule, but if you’ve ever stumbled around a campsite trying to prop your solar panel up on a water bottle or your shoe, you get it. 

The other benefit was the onboard ports that allow you to recharge directly from the panel itself, providing even more backup power when your HomePower One is charging.

Not only is there a standard 8mm solar output for charging a power station, but there is also both a USB-A and USB-C port, giving users the option to plug in directly. That’s a nice touch that explorers and adventurers can appreciate.

So how does the SolarOne compare to other solar panels I’ve tested? The Generark solar generator performed effectively compared to the competition and stood out as more efficient due to its added charging ports and kickstand for easy recharging. 

A Great Packable Backup Power System All Around

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Designed from the ground up to work together, the HomePower One and the SolarPower One are as efficient and easy to use as any packable power system that I’ve tested. The power station comes with a built-in 8mm charging port, which can be charged directly through the solar cells, making for a no-hassle set-up. The HomePower One does come with a built-in Anderson port too, which allows it to accommodate solar panels from other manufacturers.

The Generark Solar Generator System Packs Power and Simplicity

Having a reliable and powerful option for keeping your devices functioning while in the field is a must these days, but setting that charging station up needs to be as hassle-free as possible. 

Thanks to their ability to efficiently work together, you can get the HomePower One and the SolarPower One working together in under a minute. With eight ports on the power station—plus another two on the solar panel—it is possible to charge as many as ten devices simultaneously.

For those who want to keep a close eye on how that power is divvied out, Generark has included a handy LCD display. The easy-to-read and understand screen puts the current battery level, as well as power in and out, at a glance.

Portable and Backup Power Evolved

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve reviewed several power stations and solar panels over the years, and usually, I have one or two nits to pick. Usually, those criticisms have included a lack of charging ports in general or USB-C ports in particular. I’ve also knocked some models for wanting to be rugged enough for use in the outdoors but offering subpar build quality instead.

Happily, this isn’t the case with the Generark solar generator system. From the impressive level of construction to the high-capacity battery to the plethora of power ports, I’m at a loss to find something to complain about.

The HomePower One and the Solar PowerOne System Offer an Impactful Power Solution for Both Home and Adventuring

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This portable solar power system is top-notch from top to bottom and should offer plenty of capacity, performance, and durability for use on your adventures. The same holds true for Generark’s SolarOne solar panels, which are lightweight, efficient, and quick. It also gets extra marks for including onboard charging ports too.

The bottom line is if you’re looking for a compact power solution that can keep your campsite, worksite, or backyard up and running, the Generark HomePower One and SolarPower One are excellent options. They also make for great emergency power at home for those “just in case” situations. 

Priced at $999 and $299 (100w model) respectively, you find them competitively priced too.

Buy the HomePower One and the SolarPower One at Amazon.

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