The Zenbivy MotoBed is the Ultimate Road Trip Sleep System

Over the years we’ve reviewed a number of innovate products from Zenbivy, including the Zenbivy Light Bed and the Zenbivy Light Mattress. Both of those products helped redefine lightweight comfort for backpackers, creating backcountry sleeping options that had previously seemed impossibly out of reach.

Now, the company has turned its attention to a very different market that is also in need of an overhaul when it comes to sleep systems. The recently released Zenbivy MotoBed is squarely aimed at car campers, road trippers, and overlanders, many of which have longed for a better option for catching some Z’s while on an adventure. This new product delivers on everything we’ve come to expect from Zenbivy, with a few surprises that help it create an identify all its own.

Zenbivy MotoBed

Designed with Car Camping in Mind

Billed as “the easiest, fastest, most comfortable car camping bed ever designed,” the MotoBed fully embraces its place in the Zenbivy catalog. Whereas the other sleep systems that the company offers are squarely aimed at backpackers, this one is meant for campers who are more likely to drive to the campsite. This allows it to get away with a few things that its siblings can’t, most notably adding bulk and weight in favor of increased comfort.

To that end, the MotoBed is an excellent example of what gear manufacturers can do when they no longer have to worry about designing equipment that is lighter and thinner. Zenbivy’s latest sleep system tips the scales at 8 pounds, 10 ounces (3.91 kg) for the large version and more than a pound more for the XL model. It also happens to be quite large, even when it is rolled up and stored in its included duffel bag.

Those are qualities that make the MotoBed unsuited for backcountry camping excursions. But if you only need to carry it a few steps from the car to the tent, it doesn’t just become a much more viable option, it becomes the desired option. That’s because that the additional weight and size are put to good use, delivering what is quite possibly the most restful night’s sleep you’ll have at a campsite.

zenbivy motobed 1

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Anyone who has ever set up a camp sleep system knows that while it is generally easy to do, it can sometimes be frustrating at the end of a tiring day on the trail, especially if you arrive after dark. Zenbivy has eliminated all of those frustrations however by creating a bed that takes just a few seconds to deploy and is ready for use in no time at all.

Setting up the MotoBed simply means removing it from the duffel bag and rolling it out on the floor of the tent. The built-in mattress is a dual-layer affair, combing both a soft foam pillow top with a self-inflating sleeping pad. Campers can easily add additional air to inflate the mattress to the desired firmness, creating a personalized sleep system unlike anything else at the campsite.

Having two distinct layers on the mattress has an additional benefit—warmth. With the sleeping bad on the bottom and the foam pillow top above, the MotoBed does an effective job of keeping the cold, damp ground from impacting the camper’s sleep. And since the bed comes with an integrated comforter/quilt, it is rated for use in temperatures as cool at 35ºF (2ºC). That makes it an excellent option for three-season outings.

zenbivy motobed 3

A Luxurious Camping Experience

“Glamping” has been a bit of a buzzword in the outdoor industry in recent years and is usually used to describe a glamours camping experience. Typically that means spending the night in a tent and at a campsite, without sacrificing comfort and amenities. The Zenbivy MotoBed fits squarely into the clamping category, although with more traditional outdoor gear sensibilities.

Made from a blend of traditional outdoor industry materials, the MotoBed resembles the sleeping bags and pads that you already own. That means it’s durable, warm, and cozy. But the design of the bed — including the integrated sleeping pad, sheet, and quilt — gives it a luxurious feeling all its own. So much so, that when you slip into this sleep system for the first time you may question whether or not you’ll ever want to go home to your regular bed.

After using the MotoBed a few times, I’m hard pressed to think of any time I’ve slept better at a campsite. Sure, this is sleep system that you won’t want to carry with you for miles on the trail, but for those quick weekend car camping escapes or longer overlanding excursions, this will certainly be my go-to option moving forward. When space and weight aren’t an option, this is definitely the camping bed that you’ll want with you too.

Closing Thoughts

If you need further proof that Zenbivy‘s designers have thought of just about anything, look no further than the MotoBed’s integrated hood. Not only does it provide a bit of extra warmth on cool nights, it also opens up large enough to accommodate a full-sized pillow. That’s another luxury backpackers can’t carry with them, but makes perfect sense on a vehicle-based adventure.

Best of all, when you’re ready to pack up and head home, the MotoBed rolls up quickly and goes back into its bag until your next adventure. That level of convenience is tough to top in a more conventional camp sleep system, including others that are also designed for car camping.

Priced at $299, the Zenbivy MotoBed strikes me as a solid bargain. That’s roughly the same price as a good sleeping bag and pad, although most others won’t provide the same level of comfort and ease of use. If you’re a car camper or overlander looking for the best night’s sleep possible, you need to have the Motobed in your gear closet. Quite simply, it is unmatched by any other option currently available.

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Kraig Becker