Want to Work in Antarctica? We Have the Dream Job for You!

For most people, Antarctica is a far-off, desolate place that has little to offer visitors. To those of us who follow a more adventurous path, the frozen continent holds an undeniable allure. After all, this is the place where men like Roald Amundsen, Robert Falcon Scott, and Ernest Shackleton challenged the elements just to make exploration history.

If you’re someone who hears the call of the Antarctic, and knows at some point you must go, then we have a potentially great opportunity for you. One that will allow you to visit this distant land and work in Antarctica for several months during the 2022-2023 austral summer. If selected, you’ll get the chance to discover what “remote work” really means.

work in antarctica
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Help Wanted

The UK Antarctica Heritage Trust (UKAHT) is currently looking to fill three positions at its Port Lockroy location. This small base that is located there is home to a museum and is home to the southernmost operational post office in the world. It is located on the northwest shore of Wiencke Island and is part of a small archipelago located just off the Antarctica Peninsula.

Unsurprisingly, the base has been unstaffed for the past two years due to the COVID pandemic. But in November of 2022, the Trust is looking to send a crew of three to reopen the facilities and operate the place through March of 2023. To that end, the UKAHT is actively recruiting for those positions, with an application deadline that is fast approaching.

work in antarctica
Photo Credit: Henry Flower

Work in Antarctica

According to the job posting on the UKAHT website, the Trust is currently looking to fill the roles of Base Leader, Shop Manager, and General Assistant. Duties include managing the onsite gift shop, overseeing annual maintenance of the site, operating the post office, and general upkeep of the historical buildings that are located in Port Lockroy. There may also be some penguin counting as well.

Recently, a gentoo penguin colony was discovered in the archipelago and part of the staff’s duties will be to observe that location and take a census of the population. It is incredibly rare to find gentoos so far south, so the UKAHT is watching the development of the colony closely and researching the impact that tourism in the area has on the flightless birds. Members of the staff at Port Lockroy will assist in those operations.

Accepting Applications

If you’re interested in applying for any of the open positions, you’ll find more information on the job posting page lined above. That includes information packets about each role, an application form, and a link to submit your application for each of the openings.

Each application will be reviewed extensively, with qualified applicants being contacted for potential interviews. Because the base is home to only five people each season, it helps if the candidates have the necessary experience for the role, as well as a diverse skillset for use in the wide variety of duties that will be assigned. It also helps if they have a personality that is well suited for working in a remote place—with few other people—for up five months.

It should be noted, that only applicants who are able to work in the United Kingdom will be considered for these roles. They do not need to be UK citizens, but they must have the legal right to work there. That documentation will be reviewed at the time of the interview, which gives some applicants a brief window to obtain the necessary paperwork.

Applications are being accepted through 23:59: GMT on Monday 25 April 2022. Those selected for the interview process will be contacted shortly thereafter to schedule an online interview on either May 19 or 20. Those who hired for the positions will also undergo training in Cambridge in October, with deployment to the Antarctic occurring sometime between late October and early December, depending on weather conditions.

For further information, visit the UKAHT website or read the online FAQ. Good luck!

Kraig Becker