Gear Review: Anthm Collective Saltzman Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

When you’ve tested as much outdoor gear as I have over the years, it isn’t often that you are surprised and delighted with something new. But occasionally, something fresh, unique, and interesting comes across my desk and reminds me exactly why high-quality design and materials make a difference in terms of comfort and performance. Such was the case recently with the Saltzman Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey from Anthm Collective—a piece of apparel so good that it feels like a love letter to riding bikes. It also happens to be a product that every serious rider is going to want to have in their closet.

anthm collective
Photo Credit: Anthm Collective

Made in Portland

For those unfamiliar with Anthm Collective, it is a small, boutique apparel maker based in Portland, OR. The company focuses on using locally-sourced materials to create products that are durable, fashionable, and comfortable, with a focus on cycling. Their jerseys aren’t cranked off an assembly line, but are instead lovingly crafted by hand. The difference that this makes in terms of details, fit, and finish is immediately apparent.

The Saltzman derives its name from a beloved cycling route found in the Portland area. The route begins on pavement but eventually transitions to gravel, along a forest road that feels quiet and remote, despite its proximity to a large urban center. The ride isn’t a particularly difficult or demanding one, but it is memorable, which has made it a favorite amongst the locals. That’s saying something for a place that consistently ranks among the best cycling cities in the US.

anthm collective
Photo Credit: Anthm Collective

A Performance Jersey

With the Salzman Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey, Anthm set out to create a product that exhbit’s Portland’s love for riding bikes, while also delivering amazing performance. The designers of the jersey went to great lengths to get a precise fit, testing numerous patterns and shapes before settling on one that takes into account a variety of body types and sizes. The result is a shirt that fits snugly, without restricting motion, and looks great both on and off the bike.

Made from a blend of merino wool and polyester, the Salzman delivers the best qualities of both of those materials. Not only is it highly breathable and excellent at wicking moisture away from the body, it is also durable enough to survive long days on the road and trail. Merino’s natural antimicrobial properties prevent the jersey from collecting foul odors too, which means you can wear it on successive days without stinking up the peloton.

Those same fabrics have an excellent feel, both to the touch and against the skin. They also offer a bit of stretch, allowing a rider’s body to move naturally while enjoying long days in the saddle. The high-quality YKK zipper runs the length of the front of the jersey, making it very easy to get on and off too. After wearing the Salzman on a ride or two, I now find myself much preferring this design over other jerseys that utilize a half- or quarter-zip, particularly at the end of a long, hot ride.

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

As with most cycling jerseys, one of the strengths of the Salzman is its simple design. It offers excellent fit, great looks, and durability to last for years. But, it also has a few additional features that cyclists will appreciate, including three bottle pockets on the back for carrying snacks, drinks, and other items. There is also a convenient zippered pocket that is perfect for carrying a set of keys, some cash, or other small items. A drop tail provides additional coverage as well and is held in place by a clever use of the hem.

Other than that, there isn’t much else in the way of features, but then again, that’s all you really need while riding. This is a classic cycling jersey both in terms of looks and function, offering an aerodynamic fit for bombing the downhills and good ventilation when working hard on the climbs. Best of all, Anthm’s handcrafted construction process makes each jersey feel unique and custom-made for the individual rider.

On the road, the Salzman provides good protection from the elements. The long-sleeve version is warm and comforting on cool days and it pairs well with a vest on colder outings. Those who prefer a short-sleeve option are in luck, as the company includes one in its catalog, with versions available for both men and women. There is even a tall version available for riders who need a bit of extra length.

The Anthm Collective Salzman Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey is priced at $112, which feels like a bargain for clothing of this quality. Essentially, riders are getting to what amounts to a custom-made fit at an off-the-rack price. It’s hard to beat that, especially once you’ve worn the jersey on a ride or two. After that, you’ll understand just how good Anthm’s clothing really is and will probably be heading back to the company’s website to order another.

Find out more about Anthm Collective and its line of products on their website.

Kraig Becker