Elbrus: A “Pathetic” Climb?


I saw this story while surfing through MountEverest.net earlier and found it to be a surprising report. Spanish Climber Francisco Ortiz has voiced his displeasure with the climbing techniques being used on Elbrus, calling it “pathetic.” It seems he was surprised to have visited the mountain recently and found that the trip up to 3700m … Read more

Polar Exploration… On The Moon!

Artificial Snow

National Geographic, amongst others, are reporting that NASA has announced plans to build a base at one of the moon’s poles. The base will be solar powered, and is scheduled to be permanently staffed by 2024. By 2025 someone will announce the first solo, unsupported trek to either the North or South Lunar Pole I’m … Read more

New Seven Summits Speed Record! (Again!)

New Speed Record on Dhaulagiri

According to this article over at MountainZone.com Daniel Griffith, a 55 year old Canadian climber, has become the fastest person to climb the Seven Summits, completing the Carstensz Pyramid version in just 187 days. Griffith began his quest by reaching the top of Everest back in May and ended it last week on Vinson. You’ll … Read more

Big Things Coming From Adventure Journey

I’ve blogged about Adventure Journey before, and have linked to a number of articles on their site. Especially from their current “Tibet Issue”. I’m also a fan of the “Top Seven” lists. (Which still needs to be updated by the way? Anyone listening? Didn’t think so!) Anyway, it seems big things are afoot for the … Read more

Best Hike Brings The Goods!

I found a couple of very cool hike reports while browsing the Best Hike Blog earlier. First up, they directed me to this great article over at LightBackPacking.com. It’s a wonderful trip report on backpacking along The Lost Coast in California. The 28 mile long trail runs from Shelter Cove, California in the south to … Read more

Everest: Beyond The Limit Episode 3 Thoughts

Beyond The Limit

I had the chance to sit down and watch Episode 3 of Discovery Channel’s new mini-series Everest: Beyond The Limit last night, and personally I’d have to say that it was the best episode so far. The first two episodes established who the climbers were, introduced the audience to Russell Brice. Those episodes also explained … Read more

Mountaineering Lore – “The Belay”

Mountaineering Lore

Some of you have undoubtedly heard this story before, but for others I’m sure it’ll be new. Rock & Ice Magazine covered a recent event in which Charlie Houston, now at the age of 93, recounted the tale of a 1953 American expedition to K2, which was unclimbed at that time. When one of the … Read more

Ecomotion Brazil Coverage At SleepMonsters!

Ecomotion Brazil

Adventure racing site SleepMonsters.com is providing Day by Day coverage of the Ecomotion Pro Brazil expedition length adventure race. It’s been difficult to find updates on this event for most of the week, but the SleepMonsters have come through in a pinch. As of this writing Team Sole is in first place, followed by Abarth … Read more

Reinhold Messner In National Geographic

Reinhold Messner In National Geographic

I received my latest issue of National Geographic last week, and finally had a chance to read it some while I was away. The one article that stood out to me the most was entitled Murdering The Impossible and details the life and challenges of Reinhold Messner, perhaps the greatest mountaineer to ever live. It’s … Read more