Into the Night

Borge Ousland and Mike Horn, two well known solo explorers, have joined forces and are currently attempting to complete a polar expedition to the North Pole during the Winter, when that area of the World is in complete darkness for 24 hours a day. It’ll be the first time that such a trek was successful, … Read more

Gear: How Many Packs Do I Need?

I was prepping my daypack last night for a possible weekend excursion, and I got to thinking about all the different packs I own.. I recently bought a new daypack as the one I was using was getting to be a bit too small. Currently, I have four backpacks, each with it’s own, distinct, purpose. … Read more

Amazing Race Travel Tips!

Ok, I have to admit, I’m not much of a fan of Reality TV. Never got into Survivor or The Apprentice, and don’t even get me started with Dancing With The Stars. However, there is one Reality TV show that I never miss, The Amazing Race. What sets this show apart from the others you … Read more

Performance in Adventure Races

Checkpoint Zero has a really interesting article about what are the most important elements to consider when preparing for an Adventure Race. Basically, the article suggests that we focus too much on the conditioning aspects of preparing for a race, and forget about some other elements that are very crucial to successfully completing a race. … Read more

National Geographic’s Top 25 Adventure Travel Trips!

I just found this article over at the National Geographic websitewhich lists their Top 25 Adventure Travel Trips. There are tons of great trips on the list, and pretty much something for everyone who has an adventurous heart. The list is in no particular order, and is broken down by region. The highlights for me … Read more

Welcome To My Blog!

How many of us have always dreamed about leading An Adventurous Life? Dreamed of traveling to the far corners of the world to experience a completely new culture? Exploring a vast, untamed area, or even just discovering what lies just around the corner on the path ahead? That’s what leading an adventurous life is all … Read more