North Face 2006 Expeditions

The North Face, a long time expedition sponsor and well known equipment manufacturer, has released their 2006 Expeditions list. You will also find lists of previous expeditions on the same page as well. Included on the list are such awe inspiring adventures as Peak Bagging in Bolivia, exploring the Ancient Caves of the Kingdom of … Read more

Whitewater in Iran?

Who would have ever thought that you could actually run whitewater in Iran? Certainly I had no idea, at least not until I came across this cool article over at the Canoe & Kayak Magazine website. The accompanying photos look amazing, and the story is really interesting starting with the author getting her visa to … Read more

Climbing Kilimanjaro

I saw this article from MSNBC earlier today while reading the latest posts over at Gadling. Essentially, it’s the story of one man planning to climb Kilimanjaro after watching an IMAX movie. The article offers a little background on the climb and day by day, synopsis of his trip. For those that don’t know, Kili … Read more Rates The Top 100 ,an online database of North American outdoor routes, has released their annual list of Top 100 Trails. This excellent list has been compiled by analyzing over 10 million “votes” on the website over the past year. The site contains over 30,000 entries, making it a great one-stop resource for finding a trail near … Read more

Thoughts on Grizzly Man

Thoughts on Grizzly Man

So, I finally had a chance to watch Grizzly Man over the weekend. You might recall that it’s the critically acclaimed documentary by Warner Herzog that has gotten a lot of press over the past year or so. The film, which is nominated for an Oscar, tells the true story of Timothy Treadwell, the man … Read more

Lonely Planet: Most Remote Places on Earth

This is a little old, but still worth taking a look at. Lonely Planet has posted an excellent list of the Most Remote Places on Earth for the person who truly wants to get away from it all. Places of interest on the list for me include: Antarctica – Probably the most desolate place on … Read more

What’s Hot In Adventure Travel?

The Travel Industry Wire posted this article a few days back in which they predict where the major trends in adventure travel will go this year. Among the things to look for include overland travel in Africa via trucks, travel to the untouched-by-tourist areas of Eastern Europe, trips to the jewel of South America, Argentina, … Read more

Into the Night

Borge Ousland and Mike Horn, two well known solo explorers, have joined forces and are currently attempting to complete a polar expedition to the North Pole during the Winter, when that area of the World is in complete darkness for 24 hours a day. It’ll be the first time that such a trek was successful, … Read more

Performance in Adventure Races

Checkpoint Zero has a really interesting article about what are the most important elements to consider when preparing for an Adventure Race. Basically, the article suggests that we focus too much on the conditioning aspects of preparing for a race, and forget about some other elements that are very crucial to successfully completing a race. … Read more

Explore the World From Your Desktop!

Explore the World From Your Desktop!

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a complete tech geek. I love gadgets, gizmos, and gear of all kinds. I do IT for a living, and I’m always on the lookout for some new gadget. As such, I’ll be making entries here from time to time about some great new piece of … Read more