Hannah McKeand Gears Up

Hannah McKeand Gears Up

After posting about Hannah McKeand’s solo, and unsupported, Antarctic expedition a few times recently, I received this press release over the weekend. It’s great background information on Hannah, her previous adventures, and her polar adventure ahead. Read on: Hannah McKeand in pole position for record attempt In the last weeks of 2006, 33-year old Hannah … Read more

High Tech Training

Last week I gave you my thoughts on the Nike+iPod system and how it can help your training. This week Outside Online has posted an article on other high-tech training methods for the 21st Century. You’ll find a list of great websites that can offer advice on how to train, cool new high tech gear … Read more

More from Nangpa La


MountEverest.net continues to be the main source of information regarding the recent shootings on Nangpa La, near Cho Oyu. Today’s update offers some photos, albeit very grainy photos, from the mountain, as well as more reports on the events that took place on that day. The story is starting to come together, very slowly, and … Read more

Gear Box: Nike+iPod Review

Nike+iPod Review

I’ve mentioned a few times already that I purchased an 8 GB iPod Nano recently, and along with it the Nike+ system. I’ve had the two for several weeks now, and have used them both a number of times on training runs, and finally feel comfortable posting some thoughts and impressions. In short, the Nano … Read more

Riding the Worlds Highest Railway

On July 1st the Sky Train opened, running a rail route from Lhasa, Tibet to Golmud, a small city in Qinghai province in China. Finally, the first westerners have had a chance to ride it and report back on the experience. The train zips along at 16,640 feet above sea level, in pressurized cars designed … Read more

Should Everest Be Closed?

11-Year Old Planning Expedition

The Guardian has posted an intriguing article asking, “Should Everest Be Closed?” It’s a debate that’s been raging for some time. The highest mountain on the planet is filling up with trash of all kinds, left behind by the thousands of climbers and trekkers that scramble up and down its slopes every year. There is … Read more

Plan Your African Escape!

National Geographic Travler has put up an online Africa Travel Planner to help you plot your next vacation to the Dark Continent. You’ll find details on all the geographic sections of Africa, currency exchange calculators, information on languages, weather, best times to visit, and so much more. It’s a very comprehensive guide and one that … Read more

Saving Mount Blanc

Mount Blanc

Stellar Magazine has posted this article about efforts that are underway to clean up, and preserve Mount Blanc, one of the most iconic climbing and trekking sites in Europe, if not the world. It seems that with the influx of visitors, including tourists, climbers, and others, the amount of trash on the mountain has grown … Read more

ESPN Pimps Primal Quest Coverage

We’ve known about it for some time. We’ve even known the air dates, but ESPN has finally dropped more details on their coverage of Primal Quest. The network will begin airing the one hour episodes at 7:30PM Eastern Time on Monday, October 9 on ESPN2. New episodes will be aired each of the next four … Read more

Everest: 1996-2006

Everest: 1996-2006

National Geographic Adventure is running a special entitled Everest: 1996-2006 which has some excellent and interesting thoughts on the mountain. You’ll find an account by Ed Viesturs of what it was like back in 1996, when the deadliest storm in Everest history brought tragedy to the mountain. You’ll also find a very different look at … Read more