Nirmal Purja to Attempt K2 in Winter

nirmal purja summit

2020 has been a difficult year for mountaineers. With the Himalaya and Karakoram almost completely shut down, there have been only a handful of expeditions to follow all year long. That is about to change, as no fewer than three teams have announced plans to attempt K2 this winter, with some talented and tough climbers … Read more

COVID-19 Is Killing Elephants in Southeast Asia

asian elephant

Ok, so maybe the title is admittedly clickbait, but you’re here now, and this is important. Please keep reading to see how the COVID crisis is leading to a great deal of suffering in Asian elephants and many other species used in tourism attractions. Elephant Abuse Asian elephants have been a staple of the the … Read more

Last Surviving Member of 1953 Everest Expedition Passes Away

jan morris

The mountaineering community marked the passing of an era late last week. On Friday, November 20, pioneering adventure and travel writer Jan Morris passed away at the age of 94 after leading a life that included adventure, groundbreaking writing, and pushing the envelope in gender roles. She also happened to be the last remaining member … Read more

Nepal’s ‘Road to Everest’ Isn’t What You Think

everest climbing camp1

When the news broke last week, Nepal was building a road to Mt. Everest, trekkers and climbers were understandably concerned. After all, the pristine alpine setting that surrounds the trek to the world’s highest peak is breathtakingly beautiful, and a well-trafficked road would alter that setting dramatically. But as it turns out, this news isn’t … Read more

Mt. Kilimanjaro is at the Epicenter of Climate Change

mt kilimanjaro tanzania

For decades trekking to the lofty summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro has been one of the top bucket-list items for any serious adventure traveler. As Africa’s highest peak—and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world—it routinely draws thousands of visitors each year. Even in 2020, amidst a global pandemic, it has remained open to visitors, with … Read more

Ongoing Pandemic Cancels Aconcagua Climbing Season


2020 has been an especially long and difficult year for mountaineers and adventure travelers the world over. When the pandemic spread across the globe back in March, nearly every corner of the planet went into lockdown. Planes stopped flying, borders were closed, and international travel was minimal. As a result, the Himalaya’s spring climbing season … Read more

Climber Sues Guide Over Failed Everest Expedition

Everest Start to Summit in 3 min.

One of Everest’s best guiding companies has found itself at the center of a lawsuit that could have lasting consequences for the mountaineering world. Last week it was revealed that a former client is suing Madison Mountaineering for failing to provide a refund following a failed expedition to the world’s highest peak; if successful, the … Read more