The Planet Ice Project Goes To Everest

I’ve posted about The Planet Ice Project in the past. It’s the two year long project created by writer and photographer James Martin, who is traveling to remote regions all over the Planet to measure the effects of global warming on the snow and ice of those regions. He’s already visited Antarctica, then moved on … Read more

K2 Summit Bids Begin Tonight! is reporting that teams are hoping to make their summit bids tonight on K2. Several teams spent the last few days making their way up to Camp 3 and 4 with an eye on going up today. However, the latest weather reports say that it is foggy and snowy above C3, which could make … Read more

Michael Reardon Memorial Set For August 18th

The Adventurist sends word that there will be a memorial held for climber Michael Reardon on August 18th at Malibu Creek State Park, near Los Angeles, California. It will be a day to celebrate Michael, his accomplishments, and his love for life. As I’m sure you remember, Michael was killed recently in a freak accident … Read more

Introducing The EarthRoamer XV-JP

EarthRoamer XV-JP

Check out this new go anywhere SUV dubbed the EarthRoamer XV-JP. It’s a heavily modified Jeep Rubicon designed for extended expeditions into remote areas. Well, at least remote areas that you can drive to. The vehicle features an “XV-JP Loftop”, which is a sleeping area which pops out of the top of the truck, and … Read more

Rookie Wins Badwater In Record Time

Rookie Wins Badwater In Record Time

I mentioned a few days back that the Badwater Ultramarathon was underway, and by now most of the competitors have jogged, walked, limped, or crawled their way across the finish line. This year’s race was won by Valmir Nunes a 43 year old runner from Brazil who was competing in his first Badwater. Nunes left … Read more

Italian Climber Stefano Zavka Missing On K2!

Stefano Zavka Missing

Stefano Zavka Missing: has posted a weekend update with the news that Sefano Zavka is missing on K2. The Italian climber summitted the mountain on Friday, and descended in bad weather, but hasn’t been seen or heard from since. He was climbing on the Abruzzi Route, and was last seen above the Bottleneck. Stefano’s … Read more

Season 2 of Survivor Man Begins August 10th!

In light of recent discussion in the comment section, I thought I would point out that a new season of Survivor Man begins August 10th on The Discovery Channel. It looks like Les is in for his usual suffering, with his first four locations being in the Kalahari Desert, The Amazon Rain Forest, Labrador, and … Read more

K2: Summits At Last!

They’ve been a long time coming this season, but at long last teams are summitting on K2! has all the latest info, starting with this story about the Russian Kuban Team which topped out via the Abruzzi Route at 3:30 PM local time. Nikolay Kadoshnikov, Victor Afanasyev, Aleksander Eliseev, and Roman Gubanov were the … Read more

Update On The Bear Grylls Everest Paraglider Flight

ExWeb continues to examine Bear Grylls claims of having flown his paraglider higher than Everest. Back in May, the British Adventurer claimed to have flown his gas powered paraglider all the way up to 29,500 feet, saying that he flew higher than Everest and could see no other mountains around him at the time. Everyone … Read more