“New Media” On Everest

MountEverest.net has published the Sixth and final article from Human Edge Tech on shooting video on Everest. This particular artilce moves away from the video elements of the past articles, and focuses more on the basics, such as choosing a media format, and good old fashioned story telling. The article also discusses “new media”, which … Read more

Skiing Kashmir

Skiing Kashmir

Here’s a cool project that was brought to my attention earlier tonight and ought to be of interest to all of you ski bums and bunnies out there. Freelance writer and skiier Eric Segalstad from Boulder, Colorado has spent the last two months in the Kashmir region of India skiing the remote mountain regions less … Read more

Broadband Internet On Everest

Today we have Part 5 of the Human Edge Tech articles on video and other technology on Everest. In the last article they discussed video conferencing and I mentioned the need for having a broadband Internet connection on the mountain, and very briefly touched on what was needed. This article discusses the technology you need … Read more

Paragliding At 32,000 feet!

Check out this amazing story brought to us courtesy of MSNBC about a woman who got caught in a freak storm that sucked her paraglider up to 32,000 feet! Ewa Wisnerska of Germany was paragliding in Australia, preparation for an upcoming event, when she was pulled into a tornado like storm that caused her to … Read more

The Cowboy (and Indian) Way!

The Cowboy (and Indian) Way!

Here’s another great article from National Geographic Adventure. It tells the tale of Waldo Wilcox, the cowboy who lived on a remote ranch in Utah and discovered a vast, ancient Indian site on his property. Wilcox discovered the archeological treasure back in the early 70’s (he can’t really recall when any more) and kept it … Read more

What defines a 3 vs. 4 Season Tent

What defines a 3 vs. 4 Season Tent

I found this very good Q&A over at TrailSpace.com earlier today. It asks the question “What Makes a Tent Four-Season?” Since I actually couldn’t tell you what specifically were the differences, I thought it was worth a read, and it turned out to be pretty informative. The short answer is that the four season tents … Read more

Video Conferencing From Everest

Cleo Weidlich

MountEverest.net has posted Part 4 of Human Edge Tech’s series on video techonogy on Everest. This article focuses on video conferencing, which has become increasingly popular on Everest in recent years as more people bring laptops, and satellite Internet, to Base Camp. The most popular form of video conferencing, which is cheap and easy, is … Read more

Helmet, Web, and IP Cams on Everest

MountEverest.net has posted the third installment of a series of articles on shooting video on Everest in it’s various forms. The series is sponsored by Human Edge Tech who would be happy to supply you with all the gadgets you’d need to shoot your own climbing epic. This article focuses on Helmet mounted cameras, web … Read more

The Gear of Everest

Have you ever wondered how much gear you need to take on a big mountain expedition? For those of us who hever never been on a climb like that, it’s hard to fathom everything you need. Heck, i have plenty to take to Kili in April. Well, wonder no more my friend, as Alan has … Read more

January Canyoneering In Utah!

I was directed to this site thanks to a blog post over at the Backcountry Blog. The article is a trip report from a recent canyoneering adventure into the slot canyons of Utah. The intrepid group of cayoneers set off to explore the area, despite the cold weather, and it looks like it paid off … Read more