Should Everest Be Closed?

11-Year Old Planning Expedition

The Guardian has posted an intriguing article asking, “Should Everest Be Closed?” It’s a debate that’s been raging for some time. The highest mountain on the planet is filling up with trash of all kinds, left behind by the thousands of climbers and trekkers that scramble up and down its slopes every year. There is … Read more

Saving Mount Blanc

Mount Blanc

Stellar Magazine has posted this article about efforts that are underway to clean up, and preserve Mount Blanc, one of the most iconic climbing and trekking sites in Europe, if not the world. It seems that with the influx of visitors, including tourists, climbers, and others, the amount of trash on the mountain has grown … Read more

Death on Makalu: The last climb of Jean-Christophe Lafaille

Death on Makalu has posted this article that they’ve reprinted from National Geographic Adventure about the last climb of Jean-Christophe Lafaille, who perished on Makalu last January. It’s an interesting and eerie look at a climbers last day on the mountain he so wanted to climb. The story holds a special significance to me, as it was … Read more

Ultimate Travel Library

Ultimate Travel Library

A few days ago I posted the list of Top 7 Adventure Novels compiled by Adventure Journey. Well, if that didn’t offer enough to whet your reading appetite for the summer, then you need to check out The Ultimate Travel Library brought to us by National Geographic Traveler Magazine. On the list you’ll find dozens … Read more

Raid Report: Better Late Than Never!

Better Late Than Never has published a report on the Idaho leg of the Raid that was run a few weeks back. I reported on it then, and as anyone who is a fan of the sport will know, Team Nike took the victory. Still, it’s always good to get a race report for a different source, and … Read more

Kayaking the Yangtze River

Kayaking the Yangtze River

I haven’t posted many kayaking stories of late, even though I’ve spent most weekends over the past two months on the water myself. Canoe & Kayak Magazine has a great article from their current issue on Kayaking the Yangtze River. Along the way, they saw amazing canyons, glorious whitewater, and amazing beaches. They also saw … Read more

Reifenstuhl Wins Iditabike, a site which specializes in new on the mountian biking scene, is reporting that Rocky Reifenstuhl has one the 2006 Iditabike. He completed the 350 mile race, held between Knick and McGrath Alaska, in 4 days and 7 hours. Oh, and in temperatures reaching -40 degrees F. I wrote about the Iditarod several weeks … Read more

Jeremy Piven’s Journey of a Lifetime

Jeremy Piven's Journey of a Lifetime

Tonight on the Travel Channel, a cool new special will debut called Journey of a Lifetime with Jeremy Piven. The show follows actor Piven as he explores India in a spiritual and cultural awakening. At the beginning of the show, Piven states that he has always wanted to travel to India, so much so that … Read more

Climbing Kilimanjaro

A Starry Night of Mt.Kilimanjaro

I saw this article from MSNBC earlier today while reading the latest posts over at Gadling. Essentially, it’s the story of one man planning to climb Kilimanjaro after watching an IMAX movie. The article offers a little background on the climb and day by day, synopsis of his trip. For those that don’t know, Kili … Read more

Thoughts on Grizzly Man

Thoughts on Grizzly Man

So, I finally had a chance to watch Grizzly Man over the weekend. You might recall that it’s the critically acclaimed documentary by Warner Herzog that has gotten a lot of press over the past year or so. The film, which is nominated for an Oscar, tells the true story of Timothy Treadwell, the man … Read more