Gear Closet: Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern

Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern

Snow Peak is one of those gear companies that you don’t hear a lot about, but when you do it is because they’ve introduced a new product that is¬†innovative, interesting and fun. Take for example their awesome SnowMiner headlamp, which I reviewed awhile back and absolutely fell in love with. That product is an example … Read more

Gear Closet: Hydrapak Tamarack


Looking for a versatile and full featured new hydration pack to accompany you on your outdoor adventures? Something that can serve you equally well while trail running, snowshoeing, mountain biking or just plain hiking? Then look no further than the new Tamarack hydration backpack from Hydrapack, a comfortable and affordable bag that also happens to feature one … Read more

Gear Closet: Danner Crag Rat Hiking Boots

Danner Crag Rat Hiking Boots

Danner Crag Rat Hiking Boots: Earlier this year I had the pleasure of testing a pair of Danner Crater Rim hiking boots and came away very impressed. The boots were comfortable, durable, and provided plenty of support on the trail.¬†They ended up being one of the biggest surprises that I’ve had all year in the … Read more

Gear Closet: AKU SL Trek GTX Hiking Boots


The hiking boot market is one of the most competitive and crowded in the entire outdoor industry. There are literally dozens of companies producing a wide variety of footwear designed to fit the specific needs of climbers, trekkers and backpackers everywhere. Italian boot manufacturer AKU is one such company. For more than 30 years AKU … Read more

Gear Closet: Hydrapak Jolla Backpack

Hydrapak Jolla Backpack

For my money, the hydration pack is amongst the greatest outdoor innovations of all time. The ability to conveniently and comfortably carry water while we hike, bike, run or do just about anything else can not be overstated. Over the years the options for hydration packs have expanded dramatically and these days its nearly impossible … Read more

Gear Closet: Danner Crater Rim Boots

Danner Crater Rim Boots

Danner Crater Rim Boots: There are a lot of companies that make hiking boots these days, many of which have no business doing so. They stock their line-up with way too many options and colors, and they seem more designed for fashion than function. That isn’t the case with Danner, however, a company that has … Read more