Gear Closet: Hydrapak Jolla Backpack

Hydrapak Jolla Backpack

For my money, the hydration pack is amongst the greatest outdoor innovations of all time. The ability to conveniently and comfortably carry water while we hike, bike, run or do just about anything else can not be overstated. Over the years the options for hydration packs have expanded dramatically and these days its nearly impossible … Read more

Gear Box: Primus Eta Solo Stove

Primus Eta Solo Stove

The trend in lighter, more efficient, backpacking and camping gear has paid dividends in all kinds of different equipment over the past few years. Everything from tents and backpacks to sleeping bags and hiking boots have shed excess kilos while improving performance and durability. This same formula has also been applied to camp stoves, which … Read more

Gear Box: AS-1 Backpack

AS-1 Backpack

When you want to build a house, you hire an architect. When you want to design an airplane, you get an aeronautical engineer. It only makes sense that if  you want the best backpack possible for adventure racing, you go to the best adventure racer ever. With three Eco-Challenge wins, five Primal Quest titles, and … Read more

Gear Box: Eureka Apex 2XT Tent

Eureka Apex 2XT Tent

Living in Texas, where we’ve already had more than a dozen days of triple-digit heat y this year, we’re always looking for gear that performs well in warmer temperatures. After all, it isn’t much fun to be uncomfortable in extremely hot and dry weather. In fact, while most of the U.S. is just getting their … Read more