U.S. Adds 116 Countries to the ‘Do Not Travel List’

Do Not Travel List

If you have dreams of returning to international travel again soon, you may want to think twice before booking your flight. Last week, the U.S. State Department added 116 countries to its Do Not Travel List, citing a rising number of COVID-19 cases across the globe. That brings the total number of destinations that are … Read more

Has Commercial Climbing Ruined K2?

Climbing Ruined K2

If you follow the mountaineering scene closely you probably already know that commercial climbing teams have found a great deal of success on K2 in recent years. A peak that was once the domain of only the best alpinists in the world has been summited dozens of times in 2017 and 2018, calling into question … Read more

Just in Time for Valentine’s Day Nat Geo Lists the 17 Most Romantic Destinations in the World


World travelers listen up! If you’re looking for a place to visit with your significant other, National Geographic is here to help. Just in time for Valentine’s Day (Yes, that’s today fellas’!) the experts at Nat Geo have given us a list of the 17 most romantic destinations on Earth.  As you can imagine, the … Read more

Nat Geo Gives Us the Best Outdoor Towns in the World

Best Outdoor Towns

Best Outdoor Towns Looking for a great town to serve as base camp for your next outdoor adventure? Thinking about relocating to a place that offers more opportunities to pursue the things you love? Why not let National Geographic help with their picks for the world’s best towns for outdoor thrills.Some of the places earning … Read more

Explorer Announces Great African Expedition

Great African Expedition

Great African Expedition: Explorer and adventurer Julian Monroe Fisher has announced his next expedition, and it is an ambitious one to say the least. Last year we followed Julian as he walked across Africa, and now he has plans to return to that continent, where he’ll undertake a multi-year, multi-expedition adventure that will take him … Read more

Pop Quiz: Explorers & Adventurers

Pop Quiz

It’s pop quiz time here at The Adventure Blog. Take out your number 2 pencils and a fresh sheet of paper, then head over to InfoPlease.com to take their Explorers & Adventurers quiz. It’s just a short little ten question test to see if you’re up on your adventure knowledge. I took it and scored … Read more