Everest Winter Commercial Expedition Postponed to 2019

Back in October I shared the news that a commercial expedition to Everest during the winter was gearing up for a possible attempt this year with five clients reportedly signed up to have a go at the mountain. At the time, very little was known about the expedition, other than that it was being organized … Read more

Video: The Way North By Mountain Bike

When it comes to mountain bike videos, there aren’t many that are more beautiful than this one. It takes us to Norway with riders Thomas Vanderham and Remi Gauvin to explore some of the breathtaking trails that are found there. It is hard to tell which is better, the outstanding riding or the fantastic scenery, … Read more

Backpacker Offers 12 Big Adventures for 2019

We still have most of December –– not to mention the holidays –– to get through before embarking on the new year, but for those of us who like to get a jump on our travel planning, Backpacker magazine is here to help. The editorial staff there has put together a list of 12 big … Read more

Patagonia Donates $10 Million Tax Cut to Environmental Groups

It’s no secret that Patagonia is a company that puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to protecting the environment. The prominent outdoor gear manufacturer has routinely stood up for numerous environmental groups and has been a champion for protecting public lands. Last week, Patagonia demonstrated its commitment to these causes once … Read more

Himalaya Fall 2018: Another Climber Perishes on Ama Dablam

It has been a difficult and challenging end to the 2018 autumn climbing season in Nepal, where another climber has perished on Ama Dablam. A few weeks back we shared the news of the passing of Australian mountaineer Michael Geoffrey Davis who was killed when a falling rock stuck the rope he was descending on, and now … Read more

Alex Txikon to Attempt First Ascent of K2 This Winter

For the past few years we’ve followed Alex Txikon’s attempts to make a winter ascent of Everest without the use of bottled oxygen, with the Spanish mountaineer proving his winter climbing chops even without reaching the summit. But this year, Txikon has elected to go elsewhere for his cold weather fix, choosing instead to make … Read more

Video: Freestyle Skiing Down Italy’s Stelvio Pass

Italy’s Stelvio Pass is a well-known road that includes numerous switchbacks that vehicles must navigate in order to reach the top of the mountain. In this video, we join freestyle skier Bene Mayr as he attempts to descend the pass, jumping the numerous switchbacks as he descends. It’s a harrowing, wild ride to say the least … Read more