The 2020 Antarctic Season is Cancelled

It has been a long, strange year for the outdoor adventure and exploration community. Early in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic spread across the globe, putting a halt to the spring climbing season in the Himalaya—including Mt. Everest—and causing a nearly complete shutdown of the international travel industry. As the weeks rolled past, we saw the … Read more

Video: Renan Ozturk Shares His Perspective on Life, Adventure, and Everything

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Few people are better suited to offer their perspective on a life of travel and adventure than Renan Ozturk. If you’ve seen the film Meru you know a bit about his backstory, which has had its share of challenges along the way. In this video, Renan talks about his path to becoming a world-class mountaineer but … Read more

If You’re Not Watching the 2020 Tour de France, You’re Missing a Great Race

After being delayed from its traditional July start thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 Tour de France got underway last week, bringing plenty of joy to fans of pro cycling. At a time when sports have been cancelled or postponed across the globe, one of the biggest annual athletic spectacles got underway in southern … Read more

Video: Unicycling the Most Remote Road in the World

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We’ve seen a handful of “adventure unicycling” stories and videos over the years, but this one takes the cake. It transports us to Kazakhstan with rider Ed Pratt as he sets out to travel the Mukur Road, which is widely considered to be amongst the most remote roads on the entire planet. Just how remote? … Read more

Video: How to Tell an Epic Adventure Story with Cory Richards

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Mountaineer and photographer Cory Richards has had the opportunity to witness and take part in some fairly outstanding adventures over the years. During that time, he’s also learned a thing or two about telling a story as seen through the lens of his camera. In this video, he shares tips on how we can learn … Read more

Video: The Long Way Up is an Adventure Across South America

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A few weeks back I shared a video from electric vehicle company Rivian that teased a massive adventure driving across all of South and Central America from Patagonia to Los Angeles. The video was Rivian’s own promo for the journey, which is actually for a television show coming to Apple TV+ called Long Way Up. If you … Read more

Zimbabwe Investigating Mysterious Death of 11 Elephants Too

For the past few months we’ve been following the ongoing investigation in Botswana surrounding the mysterious deaths of more than 350 elephants. The large number of those deaths has been concerning of course, but more importantly it is the unexplained nature of the fatalities that has made them so concerning. To date, there has yet … Read more

Expedition to Manaslu Confirmed for Himalaya Fall Climbing Season

As Nepal edges closer to reopening to visitors this fall, the number of trekkers and climbers interested in visiting the Himalayan country at the moment remains in question. Bahrain Royal Guard At least one team will make the journey in the coming weeks, as it is now confirmed that members of the Bahrain Royal Guard … Read more