The Adventure Blog Interviews Don Mann!

It was my distinct pleasure a few days ago to chat with Don Mann, the CEO of Primal Quest, adventure racing’s premiere event. After taking this year off, PQ is looking to make a big return in 2008. Don and I talked about the race and it’s future, as well as his new found passion … Read more

New Wheel Chair Record On Kili! is reporting that Bern Goosen has set a new wheel chair record on Kilimanjaro, smashing his own previous record. The new record is officially 6 days, 3 hours, and 20 minutes. The old record was 9 days. Goosen is also the only man to ever top out on the mountain in a wheel chair, … Read more

Nicki Branch Tackles Carstensz Next!

Adventure Babe Nicki Branch has set off once again! Having already completed, Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Denali, and Elbrus, she has her sites firmly set on Carstensz Pyramid now. In fact, as I write this, she’s been in BC for a couple of days, and has projected a summit bid sometime today. No word yet on if … Read more

Adventure On Mount Kenya

Mt. Kenya is often overshadowed by it’s big brother, Kilimanjaro, which attracts many climbers each year, but at 17,058 feet, it is the second tallest mountain in Africa, and an iconic climb in it’s own right. The mountain, like most, has a history, and plenty of tales to tell, not the least of which is … Read more

Nicki Branch Knocks Off Elbrus!

I’ve been following Nicki Branch’s Seven Summits Quest since I first read about her over at Alan Arnette’s website last year, when she announced her intentions to go for the summit of the tallest mountain on each continent. Back then, she was still planning her first climb, on Kilimanjaro, but it wasn’t long before she … Read more

Adventure Travel Ideas From Forbes Traveler

Forbes Traveler

Forbes Traveler has a couple of interesting articles with suggestions for the adventure traveler in all of us. First up, is their Top Ten Volcano Adventures with some excellent suggestions of hot spots to hit “from Alaska to Zaire”. The included slideshow has some nice pictures, and touches on some amazing destinations such as Mount … Read more

Ten Mountains To See Before You Die

I haven’t posted a Lonely Planet Bluelist in quite some time, but I came across this one while reading the excellent Best Hikes Blog earlier today. It’s Lonely Planet’s Ten Mountains To See Before You Die. The list include such common icons of mountaineering as Rainier, Kilimanjaro, and Chomolungma (Everest). There are several others that … Read more

The Planet Ice Project Goes To Everest

I’ve posted about The Planet Ice Project in the past. It’s the two year long project created by writer and photographer James Martin, who is traveling to remote regions all over the Planet to measure the effects of global warming on the snow and ice of those regions. He’s already visited Antarctica, then moved on … Read more

Hardwear Sessions: Climbing Denali

I’m a big fan of Mountain Hardwear Gear. I think they make really great gear, that’s tough, high quality, and functional. In fact, I took their Exposure II Parka with me to Kilimanjaro and was very happy with the way it performed. It seems that the gang over at Mountain Hardwear have created their own … Read more

Nicki Branch Summits Denali

I haven’t posted an update on Nicki Branch in awhile, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been staying busy herself. Turns out, she just summitted Denali a week or so back, making that her third of the Seven Summits. Nicki’s website sums up her philosophy for climbing the Seven Summits in a nutshell: “Without a … Read more