The Planet Ice Project has kicked off a new blog called Planet Ice in which writer and photographer James Martin will be making regular entries over the next two years as he visits some of the major icefields and glaciers around the world to study the effects of global warming on our planet. The author says that he’ll … Read more

The Best Hike Challenge!

Remember back in December when posted their Top Ten Hikes In The World? There were some amazing suggestions for places to Hike, like the Annapurna Circuit or Kilimanjaro. Well, now they’ve upped the ante with an interesting challenge, complete all ten hikes in one continuous series of treks over a five month period! While … Read more

Can The Wilderness and Technology Coexist?

The headline pretty much says it all. That’s the question that Sam Huleatt asks in his blog, specifically in this entry entitled The Wilderness/Technology Conundrum. Sam talks about his love for both technology and the outdoors, and how the two can be at odds with one another. He talks about how his group of mountain … Read more

Fraudulent Speed Record on Aconcagua?

A few weeks back I posted this blog entry on Jorge Egocheaga’s record speed ascent on Aconcagua. The orginal article was posted at, which is a part of the Explorers Web Network. Apparently, since the orginal article was released, there have been some questions in regards to the authenticity of the record. The following … Read more

3 Peaks 3 Weeks: Kili Summitted!

Those adventerous and social conscious gals over at accomplished their goal yesterday, by reaching the “Roof of Africa” and summiting Kilimanjaro in the process. You can read their Summit Day report here. The team of ten women have, over the past three weeks, climbed Mt. Kenya, Mt. Meru, and now Mt. Kilimanjaro in an … Read more

More Seven Summits Blogs!

The tagline for the website is “Without a job after 26 years, losing her mother two months later and starting menopause,what’s a woman to do? Attempt to Climb Mount Everest, of course!” and that’s just what 50 year old Nicki Branch is attempting to do. The intrepid adventuerer has just started on her quest for … Read more