Returning Elephants have Stunning Impact on Africa’s Virunga National Park

It has been widely document over the past 30 years how the reintroduction of wolves had a positive impact on Yellowstone National Park. Those predators brought some much needed balance back to that environment, creating a much more stable and robust ecosystem as a result. Now, thanks to a large influx of migrating elephants, a … Read more

Last Surviving Member of 1953 Everest Expedition Passes Away

The mountaineering community marked the passing of an era late last week. On Friday, November 20, pioneering adventure and travel writer Jan Morris passed away at the age of 94 after leading a life that included adventure, groundbreaking writing, and pushing the envelope in gender roles. She also happened to be the last remaining member … Read more

Make a Virtual Kilimanjaro Climb to Support Tanzanian Porters

By now, we all know that the coronavirus has had a profound and lasting impact on the world around us. Since the pandemic spread to a global level back in March, entire industries have ground to a halt, while numerous countries and regions have gone into lockdown. Naturally, the travel industry has been amongst the … Read more

Mt. Kilimanjaro is at the Epicenter of Climate Change

For decades trekking to the lofty summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro has been one of the top bucket-list items for any serious adventure traveler. As Africa’s highest peak—and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world—it routinely draws thousands of visitors each year. Even in 2020, amidst a global pandemic, it has remained open to visitors, with … Read more

Nepal Backtracks on COVID Travel Restrictions

Last week we shared the news that Nepal was planning to reopen to foreign travelers starting on October 17, welcoming trekkers and climbers back into the country. As with most places worldwide, Nepal has been on strict lockdown since the start of the pandemic this past spring, even going so far as to cancel the … Read more

Video: Witness the Impact of Climate Change on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro isn’t just an iconic destination for adventure travelers; it has become the poster child for the impact of climate change as well. The once-fabled snow of Kilimanjaro are all-but gone, and as our planet continues to warm up, it now seems likely that they’ll have disappeared altogether in just a few short years. … Read more

Video: The Long Way Up is an Adventure Across South America

A few weeks back I shared a video from electric vehicle company Rivian that teased a massive adventure driving across all of South and Central America from Patagonia to Los Angeles. The video was Rivian’s own promo for the journey, which is actually for a television show coming to Apple TV+ called Long Way Up. If you … Read more

Video: Bikepacking the Most Beautiful Trail in America

Stretching for more than 567 miles (912 km), the Colorado Trail is considered to be amongst the most stunningly beautiful routes in all of North America.  Starting in Denver and running to Durango, the CT crosses through six wilderness areas, eight mountain ranges, and some of the best landscapes on the planet. Naturally, this makes … Read more