Top Seven Adventure Destinations!

Adventure Journey Magazine, which is quickly shaping up to be an insightful and interesting source of news on adventure travel, has a cool little article called Top Seven, in which I presume they will be listing their Top Seven list each month on a different topic. This months topic is Adventure Destinations. Every location on … Read more

Climbing Ecuador

Ecuador isn’t really known as a climbing haven. Usually we think about the Alp, Himalayas, Andes, and Pyrenees for some challenging big mountain climbs. But Mountain Zone has posted this excellent article that details some excellent climbs in the South American country. It’s a really interesting read for someone who is looking for a unique, … Read more

Most Dangerous Destinations 2006

The always excellent posted about this MSNBC article which names the 15 most dangerous destinations for 2006. It might be worth your time to read this if you are planning a trip abroad sometime this year, although most of them are pretty straight forward, and not really on the tourist map. Places like Iraq, … Read more

What’s Hot In Adventure Travel?

The Travel Industry Wire posted this article a few days back in which they predict where the major trends in adventure travel will go this year. Among the things to look for include overland travel in Africa via trucks, travel to the untouched-by-tourist areas of Eastern Europe, trips to the jewel of South America, Argentina, … Read more

National Geographic’s Top 25 Adventure Travel Trips!

I just found this article over at the National Geographic websitewhich lists their Top 25 Adventure Travel Trips. There are tons of great trips on the list, and pretty much something for everyone who has an adventurous heart. The list is in no particular order, and is broken down by region. The highlights for me … Read more