Adventure Travel To South Africa

Yesterday I posted about two unique African safari lodges in Tanzania and Rwanda. But if neither of those suggestions fits your African travel needs, then perhaps you’ll want to check out Adventure Zone which aims to be your one stop portal for planning and preparing a South African adventure. On the site you’ll find links … Read more

Two Unique African Safari Lodges

While reading some travel news today I came across two different articles, each of them highlighting a unique safari lodge in Africa, each of them offering a very different experience. First up, we have this article over at the Guardian Travel section which highlights the Ruaha Hilltop Lodge in Tanzania. This off the beaten path … Read more

Charlie and Ewan Take the Long Way Down!

Many of you probably remember the book and TV series Long Way Round in which actors Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor rode their motorcycles around the World. They started off in London, proceeded across Europe, and some very desloate areas of Asia (Russia, Mongolia, etc.), hopped a ferry to Alasksa, and cruised across the states. … Read more

Worlds Greatest Safaris

Who hasn’t dreamed about going on Safari? We’ve all, at one point, thought about donning our pith helmet, and setting off to the wilds of Africa to explore the “Dark Continent.” Now, Men’s Journal has made planning such a trip all the easier with their Guide to the Worlds Greatest Safaris. There’s a little something … Read more

National Geographic WildCam Africa

National Geographic has introduced the WildCam Africa to their website. It’s real time streaming video directly from “Pete’s Pond” in Botswana, so even though you might be stuck at work all day, you can still get a glimpse of life on the wild side. The page does require the lastest Real Player plug-in, which is … Read more

Lions Stalking Man in Tanzania?

National Geographic never ceases to be a source of excellent, interesting, and sometimes surprising stories. Like this one, about lions stalking humans in Tanzania, and in some cases, coming right into their villages to find their prey. When you read the story, you can’t help but think it had to have been written a hundred … Read more

Plan Your African Escape!

National Geographic Travler has put up an online Africa Travel Planner to help you plot your next vacation to the Dark Continent. You’ll find details on all the geographic sections of Africa, currency exchange calculators, information on languages, weather, best times to visit, and so much more. It’s a very comprehensive guide and one that … Read more