Adventure Quickies: Electric Seaplanes, Solar Powered Water Purifiers, and 2020 Travel Awards

Typically I save my Adventure Quickies round-up for Friday each week, but I’m traveling tomorrow for a family gathering, so I decided to push it up one day to share a few interesting stories that made the rounds this week. These are links that I didn’t have time or space to share elsewhere, but I … Read more

Search for Amelia Earhart’s Plane Comes Up Empty

Back in July I posted a story about a high profile expedition that was traveling to the South Pacific to search for Amelia Earhart’s missing airplane. We’ve covered stories about similar expeditions in the past of course, but what made this one unique and intriguing was exactly who was leading the search. This time out, … Read more

Plane Crash Near Everest Claims Three Lives

An accident involving an airplane and two parked helicopters at the Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Lukla, Nepal has claimed the lives of three people today. The incident occurred when an aircraft operated by Summit Air went the wrong direction, running headlong into the helicopters, resulting in the three death and three further injuries. The bodies of the … Read more

WWII Aircraft Missing Since 1942 Found Under Ice in Greenland

History buffs will certainly appreciate this story. A team or researchers have located three American aircraft buried deep beneath the ice in Greenland that have been missing since July of 1942. The three planes ––which include a P-38 Lightning fighter and two B-17 bombers–– were forced to make an emergency landing on the glaciers while … Read more

Video: Shots From Above – Exploring the World From an Ultralight Aircraft

Sometimes you just need to get a different perspective on things. That’s exactly what photographer and explorer Chris Dahl-Bredine thought when he built his own ultralight aircraft. The plane allowed him to get a different look at the world around us, and thankfully he used a camera to capture those views and share with the … Read more