The Coronavirus Has Reached the Indigenous Tribes of the Amazon

Health officials in Brazil who are already overwhelmed with the spread of the coronavirus across the country sounded the alarm over another potential crisis. The South American country has already seen at least 22,000 infections thus far, leading to 1250+ deaths. But things could get even worse, as it is now being reported that virus … Read more

Adventure Quickies: Patagonia Sues Amazon Seller, No-Fee National Park Day, More

We’re back once again for our weekly round up of all of the stories that we didn’t have time to cover or share elsewhere. So without further ado, lets jump in and see what we missed. Patagonia Sues Amazon Reseller: Gear manufacturer Patagonia has had a strict policy of not selling its gear on Amazon, or … Read more

Video: A Journey Through Peru in Six Minutes

Don’t have time to escape to a foreign land at the moment? Need a little break from the day-to-day? Perhaps Nat Geo can be of some help. This six-minute long video takes us across Peru, exploring all of the various landscapes and locations that that amazing country has to offer. Chances are, you’re going to … Read more

Video: How Old Cellphones are Helping to Save the Rainforest

Recycling old electronic devices, like cellphones, is a major challenge today, with the vast majority of them ending up in landfills. But the Tembé tribe in Brazil has found a unique new way to use those devices to help save the planet instead. In this video, you’ll see how they use old cellphones to create listening … Read more

British Adventurer Emma Kelty Shot and Killed in the Amazon

Sad news from Brazil, where it has been revealed that British adventurer Emma Kelty was shot and killed by local gunmen while attempt to kayak the length of the Amazon. Three of the suspects have been arrested, but her body has not been located at this time. Kelty had been traveling alone, kayaking the Amazon … Read more

Video: Take a Look at the World Through the Eyes of Nature

This beautiful video isn’t just a reminder that we should look around our world and soak in the natural beauty. It also introduces us to Botei – an eagle hunter from Mongolia – and Kuja, who lives with his family in the Amazon Rain Forest in Ecuador. The two men lead very different lives, but … Read more