Six Trekkers Missing in Nepal Following Avalanche Near Annapurna

News outlets in Nepal are reporting that six trekkers have gone missing in the Annapurna region of that country following a massive avalanche. The incident occurred last Friday and while the whereabouts of some travelers have been confirmed since then, the location of other hikers remains a mystery. Search and rescue operations are continuing at … Read more

Annapurna Climber Wui Kin Chin Passes Away in Singapore

There is extremely sad news to report from Singapore today where it was announced that mountaineer Wui Kin Chin has passed away. His death was the result of the injuries he suffered while stranded at high altitude on Annapurna last week. Despite a valiant rescue effort, treatment in a Kathmandu hospital, and being sent home … Read more

Global Rescue Weighs in on Annapurna Rescue Controversy

If you’ve been following the Himalaya climbing season closely this year you probably already know that there was a dramatic rescue of a climber who went missing on Annapurna last week. Malaysian alpinist Wui Kin Chin summited with his team last Tuesday, but ran into trouble on the descent and ultimately had to be left … Read more

Himalaya Spring 2019: Rescued Annapurna Climber Heading Home Although Questions Remain

Update: In the story below I mention a Sherpa who attempted to help the missing climber on Annapurna, but ended up running out of oxygen and having to leave him behind, only to end up injured and frost bitten himself. His name is Nima Tshering Sherpa and a GoFund Me page has been set up to … Read more

Himalaya Spring 2019: Daring Rescue of Missing Climber on Annapurna

If you’ve been reading my updates from the Himalaya over the past few days you probably already know that on Wednesday a Malaysian climber named Wui Kin Chin went missing on Annapurna. Yesterday however it was revealed that Kin Chin had been located above Camp 4 on that mountain, but at the time of the … Read more

Himalaya Spring 2019: Missing Climber Found Alive on Annapurna

Yesterday I shared the news that not only had more than 30 climbers summited Annapurna earlier in the week but that one of those climbers went missing while descending the peak. Malaysian alpinist Wui Kin Chin had reportedly reached the summit along with the rest of the team led by Seven Summit Treks, but he … Read more

Himalaya Spring 2019: More Summits on Annapurna as Climber Goes Missing

There is good news and bad news to report from Annapurna today. Following the news of the first summits of the season yesterday, we now have learned that more climbers followed suit today, reaching the top of the tenth highest peak in the world. Unfortunately, one of those climbers has also gone missing on the … Read more

Himalaya Spring 2019: Acclimatization Rotations Underway on Everest, Summit Bids on Annapurna

It was a busy weekend on the world’s tallest peak as the first teams started their acclimatization rotations on the South Side of Everest. The all-important first steps towards eventual summit bids begins with getting your body accustomed to the thinner air, which means adhering to the old adage of “climb high, sleep low” or … Read more