The Adventure Podcast Episode 43: The Outdoor Gear Holiday Shopping Guide

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We’re back with another episode of The Adventure Podcast this week, with our attention turning to the holidays ahead. We know that a lot of you are probably searching for the perfect gift to get the outdoor adventurer in your life, so my co-host Dave Adlard and I are here to help. We offer some … Read more

Antarctica 2018: High Winds Create Havoc, Larsen Set to Begin

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been following the progress of Colin O’Brady and Lou Rudd very closely. They’re the two polar explorers who are independently attempting solo, unsupported crossings of the Antarctic continent, and because they have a long way to go in their quests to become the first to make that traverse, … Read more

Antarctica 2018: ExWeb Shares More Expeditions to Watch

Last week we posted a story that offered several interesting expeditions to keep an eye on in the upcoming Antarctic ski season that came our way courtesy of Explorers Web. Now, the site has posted part two of that round up, offering even more insights into who we’ll be following across the frozen continent in … Read more

Antarctica 2018: ExWeb Shares Expeditions to Keep an Eye On

If you follow the regular patterns of the adventure seasons, you probably already know that climbing in the Himalaya this fall is nearing an end, while the Antarctic ski season will soon be ramping up. In a matter of just a few weeks time, the first South Pole skiers will hit the ice, starting their … Read more

Researchers Create Most Detailed Map of Antarctica Ever

Even in the 21st century, much of Antarctica remains unvisited by man, with the frozen continent largely unexplored. Sure, there are expeditions to the South Pole every austral summer, but most stick to the same trident and true routes, rarely varying their approach to 90ºS. Because of this, much of what we know about the … Read more

Trailblazing Malaysian Female Explorer Heading Back to Antarctica

A trailblazing female explorer from Malaysia is preparing to head back to Antarctica this year. Sharifah Mazlina will lead a team of five the other women on 550 km (341 mile) journey to retrieve a time capsule that Mazlina herself put in place back in 20014 when she became the first muslim to travel to … Read more

Another British Polar Explorer to Attempt Solo Antarctic Traverse

Another British polar explorer will attempt a solo, unassisted traverse of Antarctica later this year. Veteran adventurer Lou Rudd has announced his plans to follow in the footsteps of Henry Worsley by setting out to cover more than 1770 km (1100 miles) across the Antarctic continent. Rudd has vowed to complete the job that his … Read more

Video: Explore a Massive Penguin Mega-Colony in the Antarctic

Recently, researchers visiting the Antarctic stumbled across a massive penguin colony that they didn’t even know existed. Located on the Danger Islands, to the west of Antarctica itself, this colony is home to 1.5 million birds, making it the largest mega-colony we’ve found yet. In the video below, you’ll get a chance to see what … Read more

The New Yorker Publishes Riveting Story About Henry Worsley’s Doomed Antarctic Expedition

In 2016, British polar explorer Henry Worsley lost his life while attempting a solo, unsupported crossing of the Antarctic continent. He was attempting to become the first to make such a journey, which remains one of the biggest challenges that remain for adventurers traveling in that part of the world. It is impossible to know … Read more