The 2020 Antarctic Season is Cancelled

It has been a long, strange year for the outdoor adventure and exploration community. Early in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic spread across the globe, putting a halt to the spring climbing season in the Himalaya—including Mt. Everest—and causing a nearly complete shutdown of the international travel industry. As the weeks rolled past, we saw the … Read more

A 64-Year Old Rally Driver is Heading to Antarctica with Her Porsche

We’re still a couple of months away from the start of the Antarctic expedition season—which may or may not take place this year—but already there are a few interesting stories starting to emerge. Take for example Renée Brinkerhoff, who has no plans to ski to the South Pole or attempt to climb Mt. Vinson. Instead, she’s … Read more

Adventure Quickies: Italian Town Threatened By Melting Ice, Good News for Antarctic Penguins, and More

This is my weekly round-up of stories, gear deals and reviews, and travel blog posts that I simply couldn’t find the time or space to share elsewhere. Think of it as a recap of the things you might have missed over the past seven days, but will likely still find very interesting. Here are some … Read more

The South Pole and Svalbard are Getting Hit Hard by Climate Change

There was bad new on the climate change front this week as we’ve learned that two locations that we suspected would be hit hard by warming temperatures are actually finding that the mercury is rising even faster than expected. This could be an indication that we’ve already approached the tipping point that scientists have been … Read more

Has the Mystery of Antarctica’s Ice Loss Been Solved?

One of the most compelling mysteries about our changing planet over the past five years has been the sudden and dramatic drop in ice surrounding Antarctica. Prior to 2015, the ice that encased the frozen continent defied expectations and bucked the trend of other cold environments around the planet by actually growing in size. While … Read more