Illegal Thru-Hikers on Appalachian Trail Call into Question Backpacking During the Pandemic

Most of 2020 has been a strange year when it comes to getting outdoors and pursuing our favorite adventures. Many countries across the globe closed parks and trails in an effort to keep people at home, where they were safe. That included here in the U.S., where even the long-distance hikes like the Appalachian Trail … Read more

Backpacker Now Lets You Explore the Appalachian Trail in 3D

Listen up trekkers, backpackers, and thru-hikers, Backpacker magazine has a new tool that you might be interested in, particularly if you plan on walking the Appalachian Trail. The recently launched 3D map of the entire route of this iconic trail puts a host of great information at our fingertips, giving us new ways to explore this … Read more

Woman Completes ‘Triple Crown’ of Hiking in a Single Year

Recently we’ve had some big news regarding major achievements in hiking, including the story of the first person to hike the entire length of Canada’s Great Trail. But one of the most impressive stories I’ve seen lately comes our way from Outside magazine, who are reporting on the first woman to complete the “Triple Crown” of … Read more

Video: A Veteran Finds Peace and Solace on the Appalachian Trail

When Will Smith returned home to New Orleans after serving 5 years in the U.S. Army, with tours to Iraq, he found the transition a difficult one. Will was suffering from post-traumatic stress and soon found solace in alcohol and prescription medications. But he knew that he had to get his life together and find … Read more

Appalachian Trail Speed Record Smashed by More Than Four Days

The race to record the fastest known time (FKT) on the Appalachian Trail continues, this time with Belgian ultrarunner Karel Sabbe laying down an impressive new mark. On Tuesday, Sabbe completed the 2190 mile (3523 km) AT, besting the previous record held by Joe McConaughy, who set the FKT for a supported thru-hike just last year. … Read more

High School Teacher Looking to Set Speed Record on the Appalachian Trail

We’ve seen a number of people attempt a new speed record on the 2200-mile long Appalachian Trail over the years with some putting in impressive performance while lowering the mark, while others came up a bit short. The latest to make that attempt is none other than Harvey Lewis, a high school history teacher who … Read more

Long-Distance Hiker To Attempt First Female Completion of the “All-In Trek”

Long distance hiker and runner Breanna Cornell has set an ambitious goal for herself. Starting in September 2018, she will set out to become the first woman to complete the massive “All-In Trek,” a 12,500+ mile (20,116 km) thru-hike of four of the most iconic trails in North America. The hike will begin on the … Read more