Melting Glacier Reveals Norwegian Mountain Pass That is a Treasure Trove for Archaeologists

Warming temperatures in Norway have caused a glacier located near the town of Lendbreen to melt away in recent years. However, as the ice has retreated, it isn’t just revealing rock and earth that has been covered for centuries. Underneath, researchers have discovered a mountain pass used for generations of Scandinavians, stretching from the Iron … Read more

Archaeological Finds Surprise and Amaze in Mexico and Russia

The outdoor adventure and exploration community is mostly on lockdown across the globe, with very few expeditions currently underway. In fact, while much of the world deals with the coronavirus pandemic, most explorers, mountaineers, and travelers are sticking close to home, which means there isn’t a lot to report on right now. But some recent … Read more

Archeologists Use Lasers to Locate Lost City in Cambodia

The use of high-tech laser scanning systems – aka LIDAR – has proven to be highly effective for archeologists. These systems have the ability to penetrate through thick foliage and other materials to see what lies under a jungle canopy or even covered by centuries of undergrowth. As a result, hidden structures, temples, and even … Read more

Shipwreck of Captain James Cook’s Endeavour Believed to Have Been Found

Underwater archaeologists say that they may have discovered the remains of the HMS Endeavour, the ship that was used by Captain James Cook when he explored and map much of the coast of Australia in 1770. The vessel, which would later change its name to the much-less inspiring name of Lord Sandwich is believed to be resting … Read more

Video: Take a Guided Tour Inside the Wreckage of the HMS Terror

In the annals of exploration history there are few mysteries than run deeper than that of the Franklin Expedition. Back in 1845, the Has Erebus and HMS Terror set tail from Britain an attempt to discover the Northwest Passage. The two ships were under the command of Captain Sir John Franklin and hopes were high that the state-of-the-art … Read more