Ongoing Pandemic Cancels Aconcagua Climbing Season

2020 has been an especially long and difficult year for mountaineers and adventure travelers the world over. When the pandemic spread across the globe back in March, nearly every corner of the planet went into lockdown. Planes stopped flying, borders were closed, and international travel was extremely limited. As a result, the spring climbing season … Read more

Man Sails Across Atlantic Ocean to Reunite with Father During Pandemic

We’ve seen some interesting and unique stories that have come about due to he coronavirus pandemic. Many of them have involved adventures that have kept people close to home during this unusual time. But the story that ExWeb has shared today is of about a globe-spanning adventure that was undertaken so one man could be … Read more

Video: Exploring Patagonia with Mountain Travel Sobek

In 2019 Mountain Travel Sobek is celebrating its 50th year in business. Since 1969 the company has been taking adventure travelers to the far corners of the globe. Back then, the term “adventure travel” hadn’t even really been coined yet, but MTS was already at the forefront of that movement. Patagonia is one of the … Read more

Dog Summits Baruntse in Nepal, Indigenous Ladies Climb Aconcagua

We cover a lot of major mountaineering expeditions here on The Adventure Blog, regularly sharing news from the Himalaya, Karakoram, and elsewhere. Often those posts provide some great inspiration and interesting news about what top climbers are doing on some of the world’s hardest peaks. At other times we get stories that are inspiring and … Read more

Trekker Completes Epic Journey From Patagonia to Alaska

Here’s a story that I missed while I was off in Africa a couple of weeks back. In November of last year, I shared the tale of long-distance hiker Holly Harrison –– aka “Cargo” to his friend. Harrison was in the middle of an epic walk that had started in Ushuaia, Argentina at the very … Read more