Video: The River Keeper – Rafting the Colorado

This video comes our way courtesy of Outside Magazine and features some of the best scenery in the American West. We’ll join river guides Amy Martin and Erica Fareio as they take us down the Colorado River and into steep Arizona Canyons to give us an incredible look at these outstanding places. Martin is a … Read more

A 118-Year Old Painting Has Been Found in the Antarctic

Here’s an amazing story that is also a bit of a mystery. The New Zealand Antarctic Trust has discovered a 118-year old painting in Antarctica that was painted by Dr. Edward Wilson, a member of the ill-fated Scott Expedition that set out for the South Pole in 1911. Wilson was known for being an artist of natural … Read more

Video: Renan Ozturk – Obsessed or Devoted?

This video comes our way courtesy of The North Face and is part of the company’s new #QuestionMadness marketing campaign which celebrates TNF’s 50th anniversary. The clip focuses on sponsored athlete Renan Ozturk, who is amongst the best mountaineers/climbers in the world today. As with the other videos in this series, the question is where … Read more

Video: The Art of Climbing

This video takes us to the Rätikon Mountains of Switzerland where we join professional climber Kilian Fischuber ons a tough route known as Headless Children. As he makes just the second free climb of this mutli-ptich 250-meter (820 ft) wall, he begins to see an intersection of his two passions, climbing and art. On this … Read more

Nat Geo Adventurer Of The Year Travels The Streets Of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a country that has been embroiled in turmoil and conflict for decades. Since the Russians invaded back in 1979, the nation has been at war in some form or another. When the Russians pulled out and went home in 1989, an internal struggle grew with the Taliban coming to power. 11 years ago … Read more