Man Sails Across Atlantic Ocean to Reunite with Father During Pandemic

We’ve seen some interesting and unique stories that have come about due to he coronavirus pandemic. Many of them have involved adventures that have kept people close to home during this unusual time. But the story that ExWeb has shared today is of about a globe-spanning adventure that was undertaken so one man could be … Read more

20 Years Ago Two Men Crossed the Atlantic Ocean in Floating Cars

When it comes to covering stories about travel, exploration, and outdoor adventure, you occasionally come across one that is truly unique and remarkable. Such is the case with the tale of Marco Amoretti and his friend Marcolino De Candia, who twenty years ago embarked on a strange, inspiring, and wild adventure. The two men crossed … Read more

Former British Marine Attempting to Become First Disabled Person to Row Solo Across the Atlantic

Yesterday I shared an update on Fedor Konyukhov’s attempt to row around the world via the Southern Ocean. Today, we’ll take a look at another inspirational rower who is currently crossing the Atlantic Ocean. That is a monumental task to be sure, but each year a number of people row the Atlantic. What make’s Lee … Read more