Video: Ben Stookesberry Answers All Your Whitewater Kayaking Questions

Eddie Bauer continues it’s “Outdoor Curious” series of videos today by having pro kayaker Ben Stookesberry answer all of your questions about whitewater paddling. These very informative clips are fantastic and really interesting, and this one is no exception. I learned a lot once again and there is a good chance you will too. Enjoy!

Video: Ben Stookesberry Answers Your Questions on Backcountry Camping

Yesterday I shared a video of mountain guide Adrian Ballinger answering questions about the 8000-meter peaks. Outdoor Curious Video Series As it turns out, that clip was part of a series of videos from Eddie Bauer called “Outdoor Curious.” So far, there has been one other video, which you’ll find above. Ben Stookesberry This time … Read more

The Tale of Kayakers Held Hostage in Colombia

At the end of March a team of professional kayakers, led by Ben Stookesberry, set off to make the first descent of the Apaporis River in Colombia. The 700-mile long waterway is remote, wild, and largely unexplored, which is of course the allure of an expedition kayak team. But, 19 days into their journey, the … Read more