Video: Five Days on the Kokopelli Trail

Stretching from Fruita, CO to Moab, UT the Kokopelli Trail is one of the most legendary mountain biking and bikepacking routes in the entire U.S. It takes riders across some of the most scenic landscapes in the region, promising stunning vistas around every turn. While it certainly lives up to the hype, it is also a … Read more

Video: A Wild Journey into the Sacred Headwaters of British Columbia

What do you get when you combine 400 km (248 miles) of bikepacking and packrafting in a remote region of British Columbia? For starters, you get one truly amazing adventure as you’ll see in the clip below. In this short documentary we going a group of three friends as they set off into northwest BC … Read more

Video: Getting Gear for a Bikepacking Trip on the Cheap

A few weeks back I attended the Bikepacking Summit in Gunnison, Colorado. There, I learned all about the gear and strategies you need to get started in the sport, which allows you to travel just about anywhere on your bike. As with any outdoor adventure, bikepacking requires a fair amount of gear to get started … Read more

The Adventure Podcast Episode 34: The Best Adventure Documentaries of All Time

Adventure Podcast Banner

After taking a couple of weeks off while I was on the road, The Adventure Podcast returns with a new episode this week. Our main topic is adventure documentary films, with co-host Dave Adlard and I sharing our picks for our favorite outdoor, travel, and adventure themed docs. You’ll find a number of classic films … Read more

Video: How to Filter Water in the Backcountry

Staying hydrated is vitally important when in the backcountry, but you can’t always trust the water that you find there, even if it looks clean. That’s why knowing how to filter water while hiking and backpacking is such an important skill to have. In this video, the experts at REI show us exactly how we … Read more

Video: Bikepacking Through South America (Part 1)

Bikepacking is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to travel and have an outdoor adventure. For those who don’t know, bikepacking is a bit like backpacking, but instead of walking and carrying all of your gear in your pack, you ride a bike with your equipment stored in panniers instead. This video takes … Read more

Video: Beyond Trails in the Atacama Desert

If you’re looking for a great adventure documentary, look no further. This beautiful and inspiring short film takes us to the Atacama Desert in northern Chile where cyclists Lorraine Blancher and Robin Munshaw embark on a bikepacking trip across one of the wildest and demanding landscapes around. What they thought would be a grand adventure turned … Read more

Video: Bikepacking the Highland Trail 550 in Scotland

Stretching for 560+ miles across Scotland, the Highland Trail 550 is an impressive mountain biking route that is amongst the best bikepacking rides in the entire world. In this video, we join rider Barry Godin as he sets out to cover the route end-to-end in 11 days, soaking in the amazing scenery and wonderful riding … Read more