Forbes Interviews Borge Ousland After Epic Arctic Expedition

Here at The Adventure Blog we’re delight whenever one of the major explorers, climbers, or adventurers get some much-deserved exposure through the mainstream press. We, along with a few other outdoor publications and websites, often write about the big things that are happening around the world in terms of adventure and exploration, but all too … Read more

Horn and Ousland’s Arctic Expedition Still Isn’t Over Yet

Just a quick update once again on the current status of Mike Horn and Borge Ousland. If you’ve been following their Arctic expedition, you know that they reached the edge of the ice last weekend, where they were picked up by their extraction ship, the Lance. By that point, both Mike and Borge were exhausted, pushed … Read more

Horn and Ousland Safely Off the Ice After Completing Polar Traverse

If you’ve been following the unfolding drama surrounding Mike Horn and Borge Ousland’s polar traverse over the past few months, then we have good news for you to start the week. Over the weekend, the two men finally completed that epic expedition, reaching the ship that had been sent to help retrieve them from the … Read more

Horn and Ousland Have an Exit Strategy, But It Isn’t Going to be Easy

Over the past few months we’ve been following Mike Horn and Borg Ousland’s incredibly difficult journey across the Arctic very closely. Even before they set foot on the ice, I’ve been posting updates on their progress. Recently, those updates have come with more frequency as the near the end of their journey at long last. … Read more