Researcher Believe They Know What Caused Mass Elephant Deaths in Botswana

One of the stories we’ve been following closely over the past few months has been the confounding mystery surrounding the mass die-off of dozens of elephants in Botswana. Eventually, the death toll rose to more than 300 of the creatures, which sent alarm bells off amongst conservationists. While the sheer number of dead elephants was concerning, … Read more

Researchers Further Narrow Down Cause of Elephant Deaths in Botswana

One of the stories we’ve been following closely over the past month or so is the continuing mystery surrounding the death of more than 350 elephants in a remote corner of northwest Botswana near the Okavango Delta. The dead creatures were first spotted from the air during an aerial survey of the region back in … Read more

We Now Have a Better Idea of What Killed the Elephants in Botswana

Over the past month and a half or so, we’ve been keeping a close eye on an ongoing mystery that has been unfolding in Botswana. Back in late June, it was revealed that more than 300 elephants had perished under mysterious circumstances, setting off alarms amongst conservationists around the world. Since then, there has been … Read more

Nat Geo Has Theories On Why Elephants are Dying in Botswana

Last week I shared the story of how hundreds of elephants are dying of mysterious and unknown causes in Botswana. The creatures appear to take ill very quickly, possibly with some kind of neurological disorder, then die from this strange affliction almost as rapidly. From the air, dozens of bodies have been spotted, leaving conservationists … Read more

Video: An Elephant Encounter on the Okavango Caught on 360º Video

Recently I shared a 360º video from the Okavango Delta that allowed us to explore that environment more fully without ever having to leave home. Today, we have another such video from this spectacular region in Botswana that shares an encounter with an elephant out on the waters of the delta. The use of 360º … Read more