Video: Climber Carlo Traversi Takes on the Triple 14 Challenge in Colorado

Watch Black Diamond sponsored athletes Carlo Traversi in this video as he attempt to take on the Triple 14 Challenge in Colorado. What exactly is the “Triple 14 Challenge” you ask? That is the difficult athletic endeavor of scaling a V14 bouldering problem, a 5.14 rock climbing route, and summiting a 14er (14,000 ft/4267 meter) … Read more

Video: A Life of Climbing with David Lama

Austrian mountaineer and sport climber David Lama is one of the most talented climbers on the planet. He has shown his ability to tackle challenges on rock, ice, boulders, and mixed routes too. That’s because he literally started in the sport not long after he could walk, and now he shown his ability to tackle … Read more

Climbing Prodigy Completes One of the Toughest Bouldering Problem in the World

If you haven’t heard the name Ashima Shiraishi, you certainly will know who she is soon. The 14-year old rock climber has just completed one of the toughest bouldering problems in the world, giving the world a glimpse of her amazing talents and what promises to be quite a climbing career ahead. Ashima lives in New … Read more

Video: Rock Climbing and Bouldering in South Africa

Earlier this year, rock climber Angy Eiter traveled to South Africa with some friends to check out the rock climbing and bouldering scene. This video shares some of their exploits there, while giving us some nice highlights of the South African landscapes. Make yourself comfortable, and enjoy watching these climbers test their skills on some … Read more

Video: The Fields – A Short Film About Bouldering

I came across this short film this morning and thought it was well worth sharing. It is an 11-minute documentary about climber Andy White, who suffered a major injury when he fell while climbing a few years back. That accident impacted his approach to the sport, so he turned to bouldering to get his fix … Read more