The Coronavirus Has Reached the Indigenous Tribes of the Amazon

Health officials in Brazil who are already overwhelmed with the spread of the coronavirus across the country sounded the alarm over another potential crisis. The South American country has already seen at least 22,000 infections thus far, leading to 1250+ deaths. But things could get even worse, as it is now being reported that virus … Read more

Video: How Old Cellphones are Helping to Save the Rainforest

Recycling old electronic devices, like cellphones, is a major challenge today, with the vast majority of them ending up in landfills. But the Tembé tribe in Brazil has found a unique new way to use those devices to help save the planet instead. In this video, you’ll see how they use old cellphones to create listening … Read more

Volvo Ocean Race Begins Stage 7, Heading Back to the Southern Ocean

The seventh stage of the Volvo Ocean Race got underway yesterday in New Zealand, with all of the teams setting out on what promises to be another tough and demanding stage. This time, the ships will need to cover 7600 nautical miles (8745 miles/14,075 km) as they race from Aukland to Itajaí, Brazil. The route … Read more

British Adventurer Emma Kelty Shot and Killed in the Amazon

Sad news from Brazil, where it has been revealed that British adventurer Emma Kelty was shot and killed by local gunmen while attempt to kayak the length of the Amazon. Three of the suspects have been arrested, but her body has not been located at this time. Kelty had been traveling alone, kayaking the Amazon … Read more

Australian Adventurer to Trek Tropic of Capricorn Across South America

An Australian adventurer is preparing to set out on a journey across South America following the Tropic of Capricorn from the Pacific Ocean in Chile to the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil. The trek will take him through the Andes, across the Atacama Desert, as he covers more than 4000 km (2485 miles) along the way. … Read more

Nat Geo Offers the Best Summer Trips for 2017

Still looking for some suggestions on where you should go and what you should see on an upcoming summer adventure? Why not let National Geographic help? The website has compiled a list of the very best destinations for Summer 2017, with some excellent (and surprising!) options to choose from. The suggestions – and there are … Read more