Video: A Compilation of Animal Encounters Caught on GoPro Cameras

There is no question that the GoPro camera revolutionized the way capture video, providing the ability to chronicle just about every aspect of an adventure. Because of this, those ubiquitous little action cameras have been used in extreme sports, outdoor filmmaking, travel videos, and so much more. Over the years, this has led to some … Read more

Gear Closet: AxisGo Water Housing for iPhone Review

One of the best things about using an iPhone as my smartphone of choice is that it gets lots of options when it comes to accessories. While some phone manufacturers struggle to even get quality cases made for their devices, Apple’s ecosystem is filled with unique, weird, and wonderful add-ons. Case in point, the AxisGo … Read more

Adventure Tech: GoPro Hero 7 Brings Improved Stability

Just like clockwork, GoPro has announced its annual updates to its line of action cameras, bringing some improved functionality and image quality to its already industry-leading designs. The new Hero 7 camera resembles its predecessor in many ways, but comes equipped with onboard image stabilization that the company says pretty much removes the need for … Read more

Video: How Nat Geo Photographers Hack Cameras to Capture Wildlife Shots

We all know that National Geographic works with some of the most talented photographers in the world to capture the amazing images that have been a hallmark of the organization for more than a century. But sometimes it takes more than a keen eye and a great sense of composition to get the right shot. … Read more

Gear to Turn your Smartphone into an Adventure Filmmaking Kit

There is an old saying amongst photographers that says the best camera is the one that you have with you. Today, that often means our smartphones, which have evolved into some pretty outstanding pieces of equipment for capturing excellent photos. That said, if you truly want to get the most of that camera – particularly … Read more

Gear Closet: Nikon D7500 DSLR Camera Review

Yesterday I shared my experience, and some tips I picked up, while attending a Nikon School course on travel photography recently. For someone who travels frequently and loves to take photos, that was an enriching opportunity to say the least. In addition to inviting me to sit in on the course, Nikon also loaned me a … Read more

6 Tips for Taking Better Travel and Adventure Photos

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Gear Closet: Aukey AC-LC2 Budget 4K Action Camera Review

Over the past few years, the action camera market has continued to fragment and become increasingly crowded. Sure, GoPro still dominates with its yearly updates to its Hero line or products, but after that there are a wide array of choices from a several manufacturers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Below this second … Read more

Adventure Tech: Venture is the wearable, live-streaming HD camera you can take anywhere

We’ve seen a slew of interesting new tech products over the past couple of weeks, ranging from new smartwatches to off-grid communications devices. But perhaps the latest gadget that I’m most excited about is the Venture HD camera, which launched on Indiegogo a few weeks back and is already a major success. Venture comes our … Read more