Video: Climbers On the Verge in British Columbia

In a remote corner of Canada’s British Columbia, a group of climbers banded together to prevent the destruction of one of the last old-growth hardwood forests in the region. This stretch of land was located not far from the coastal town of Powell River, where logging interests have gained traction and prominence over the years. … Read more

Video: Hiking British Columbia’s West Coast Trail

British Columbia’s West Coast Trail has been a wild and scenic route that has been luring hikers for more than a century. Stretching for 75 km (46 miles) through some of the most breathtakingly beautiful scenery you could ever ask for, the WCT is an iconic walk that should be on any backpacker’s bucket list. … Read more

Video: Spearhead – Pushing the Boundaries of BC’s Backcountry

Looking for a true winter backcountry adventure? Whey not give the Spearhead Traverse a go? Not for the feint of heart, this amazing landscape is located between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains in British Columbia and can provide a real test to any adventurer’s skill and resolve. But as you’ll see in this beautiful short documentary, … Read more

Video: The Undeniable Lure of the North

Shot in the far north of Ontario, Canada, this beautiful video captures the excitement and energy that comes along with a polar journey, as well as the isolation and difficulty that such an expedition brings. The frozen countryside is a humbling and difficult place, but it can be so rewarding too. You’ll experience all of … Read more

Video: Take a Guided Tour Inside the Wreckage of the HMS Terror

In the annals of exploration history there are few mysteries than run deeper than that of the Franklin Expedition. Back in 1845, the Has Erebus and HMS Terror set tail from Britain an attempt to discover the Northwest Passage. The two ships were under the command of Captain Sir John Franklin and hopes were high that the state-of-the-art … Read more