Video: Chris Sharma Makes First Ascent of Pont-d’ Arc in France

In this video, climber Chris Sharma travels to the south of France to attempt the first ascent of a stone arch known as the Pont-d’ Arc. The rock formation serves as the gateway to the Ardèche Canyon, with the Ardèche River running through it. Over the past few years, Sharma has become increasingly drawn to deepwater … Read more

Video: Into The Light – Episode 4: Aftermath

It turns out, the third video of the Into the Light series that I posted a few days ago wasn’t the final clip after all. Earlier today, I received word of this fourth video, which features climbing legends Chris Sharma and Stefan Glowacz reflecting on their accomplishment of climbing the longest cave ceiling in the … Read more

Video: Into The Light – Episode 2: Climbing In Oman With Chris Sharma and Stefan Glowacz

Yesterday I posted the first in a new series of climbing videos that will take us on an expedition with Chris Sharma and Stefan Glowacz as they attempt a unique new route in a secret location. Today, we learn that they are climbing in the Hadschar Mountains of Oman, although other details on the project are … Read more

Chris Sharma Preparing To Climb Hardest Route In The World

Nat Geo Adventure has posted a good interview today with Chris Sharma, one of the top rock climbers on the planet. Sharma earned a reputation for wandering across the globe looking for new, and unique challenges to test his skills, but now, according to National Geographic, he has settled down in Catalonia, Spain, and is … Read more