Mt. Kilimanjaro is at the Epicenter of Climate Change

For decades trekking to the lofty summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro has been one of the top bucket-list items for any serious adventure traveler. As Africa’s highest peak—and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world—it routinely draws thousands of visitors each year. Even in 2020, amidst a global pandemic, it has remained open to visitors, with … Read more

Death Valley Set an All-Time Heat Record for the Planet This Past Weekend

This past weekend was a potentially record-breaking one in Death Valley, where thermometers soared to incredible heights. In fact, the official temperature in the national park, which is the lowest and hottest point in the western hemisphere, hit an all time high, not just for the region itself, but possibly the entire planet. According to … Read more

Adventure Quickies: Fall Himalayan Expeditions, Space Toilets, Cycling Masks, and More

Most weeks there are more stories to share than time or space provides. Because of this, I routinely write a column that I call “Adventure Quickies” that is posted on Fridays. It contains a brief summaries of these stories, along with links to where you can find out more. Here is this week’s line-up of … Read more

Video: Protecting Kenya’s Lions During a Severe Drought

African wildlife faces threats on a number of fronts. Not only is poaching a constant issue, the continued encroachment of man on their habitats, along with a constant struggle over increasingly scare resources, can make life very hard. You can add climate change to the list of things that is endangering these creates to, as … Read more

The South Pole and Svalbard are Getting Hit Hard by Climate Change

There was bad new on the climate change front this week as we’ve learned that two locations that we suspected would be hit hard by warming temperatures are actually finding that the mercury is rising even faster than expected. This could be an indication that we’ve already approached the tipping point that scientists have been … Read more

Has the Mystery of Antarctica’s Ice Loss Been Solved?

One of the most compelling mysteries about our changing planet over the past five years has been the sudden and dramatic drop in ice surrounding Antarctica. Prior to 2015, the ice that encased the frozen continent defied expectations and bucked the trend of other cold environments around the planet by actually growing in size. While … Read more