Video: Birdwatching with FARC in the Rainforests of Colombia

Back in 2004, Colombian wildlife guide Diego Calderón was birdwatching in the rainforest when he was captured and kidnapped by members of FARC. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) is a Marxist guerrilla group that still exists in that country and years later, Diego returns to the place where he encountered them in an … Read more

8 Adventure Travel Destinations To Visit on the Cheap

Let’s face it, travel is amazing for the mind, body, and soul, but it can also get expensive. Sometimes it seems that finding a good deal to a fantastic destination can seem impossible. But fear not, as Men’s Journal is here to help once again, this time offering is eight awesome places that you can … Read more

The Tale of Kayakers Held Hostage in Colombia

At the end of March a team of professional kayakers, led by Ben Stookesberry, set off to make the first descent of the Apaporis River in Colombia. The 700-mile long waterway is remote, wild, and largely unexplored, which is of course the allure of an expedition kayak team. But, 19 days into their journey, the … Read more

Outside Takes Us to the Most Dangerous Place on Earth

Looking for an engaging read to keep you occupied heading into the weekend? Then look no further than Outside Online, where you’ll find a great piece by Jason Motlagh that takes us into the “World’s Most Dangerous Jungle.” In the article, Motlagh travel to South America to explore the infamous Darién Gap, a 160 km … Read more

Video: Meet the Hippos of Colombia

In 1980, drug lord Pablo Escobar brought several hippos from Africa to his compound in Colombia. It turns out that the environment there was very similar to their natural habitat, and the creatures adapted quite well to their new home. But later, when Escobar was finally brought down and taken in for justice, the animals … Read more

Video: Mountain Biking Through A Colombian Salt Mine

Professional mountain biker Marcelo Gutierrez knows what its like to push boundaries on his bike, but for this video he really took things to a new level. In shooting this clip, Marcelo went deep underground to ride through a subterranean salt mine in his home country of Colombia. His route started above ground in a … Read more