Returning Elephants have Stunning Impact on Africa’s Virunga National Park

It has been widely document over the past 30 years how the reintroduction of wolves had a positive impact on Yellowstone National Park. Those predators brought some much needed balance back to that environment, creating a much more stable and robust ecosystem as a result. Now, thanks to a large influx of migrating elephants, a … Read more

Video: Ani Wa Sa — We Are One in the Fight Against Poaching

Even in the 21st century, illegal poaching remains a serious threat to the natural resources of Africa. In places like the Garamba National Park in the the DR Congo, just 1200 wild elephants remain due to the ivory trade. Those creatures find themselves increasingly under attack, their numbers dwindling. In this video, we travel to … Read more

Polish Adventurers Complete First Journey Across Africa in an Electric Car

It’s no secret amongst my friends that my dream trip is an overland expedition from Alexandria, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa – preferably in a Land Rover Defender, thank you very much. But, I have to admit I’m a little envious of the journey that two Polish adventurers recently completed as well. Self described … Read more