Zimbabwe Investigating Mysterious Death of 11 Elephants Too

For the past few months we’ve been following the ongoing investigation in Botswana surrounding the mysterious deaths of more than 350 elephants. The large number of those deaths has been concerning of course, but more importantly it is the unexplained nature of the fatalities that has made them so concerning. To date, there has yet … Read more

Video: Akashinga—The Brave All-Female Rangers Protecting Africa’s Wildlife

Zimbabwe has a secret weapon when it comes to protecting its precious wildlife. That weapon is an all-female group of rangers who have been trained by former Australian special forces operatives These women are tough, dedicated, and ready to take on all challenges when it comes to dealing with poachers. In this short documentary—produced by … Read more

Researchers Further Narrow Down Cause of Elephant Deaths in Botswana

One of the stories we’ve been following closely over the past month or so is the continuing mystery surrounding the death of more than 350 elephants in a remote corner of northwest Botswana near the Okavango Delta. The dead creatures were first spotted from the air during an aerial survey of the region back in … Read more

We Now Have a Better Idea of What Killed the Elephants in Botswana

Over the past month and a half or so, we’ve been keeping a close eye on an ongoing mystery that has been unfolding in Botswana. Back in late June, it was revealed that more than 300 elephants had perished under mysterious circumstances, setting off alarms amongst conservationists around the world. Since then, there has been … Read more

Video: Climbers On the Verge in British Columbia

In a remote corner of Canada’s British Columbia, a group of climbers banded together to prevent the destruction of one of the last old-growth hardwood forests in the region. This stretch of land was located not far from the coastal town of Powell River, where logging interests have gained traction and prominence over the years. … Read more

Video: Protecting Kenya’s Lions During a Severe Drought

African wildlife faces threats on a number of fronts. Not only is poaching a constant issue, the continued encroachment of man on their habitats, along with a constant struggle over increasingly scare resources, can make life very hard. You can add climate change to the list of things that is endangering these creates to, as … Read more

Video: Can Man and Wildlife Coexist in the Wilds of Africa?

Inevitably, as man spreads out into more diverse landscapes and environments, our habitats tend to overlap with those of the wildlife that have inhabited those spaces for hundreds of years. Nowhere is this more evident than in Africa, where populations are growing at an astounding rate, putting humans in direct competition for resources with the … Read more

Video: This Land — Faith E. Briggs Runs for Conservation and Public Lands

Growing up in New York, runner Faith E. Briggs never saw herself as a conservationist. With so many other issues to contend with on a daily basis, she channeled her thoughts and energy into assisting others and fighting against social injustices. Now, she sees things a bit differently, having grown to understand the connection between … Read more