Video: How to Tell an Epic Adventure Story with Cory Richards

Mountaineer and photographer Cory Richards has had the opportunity to witness and take part in some fairly outstanding adventures over the years. During that time, he’s also learned a thing or two about telling a story as seen through the lens of his camera. In this video, he shares tips with how we can learn … Read more

Video: The Line Episode 6 –– Into the Unknown

One of the more high-profile expeditions to Everest this past spring involved Cory Richards and Esteban “Topo” Mena, who were attempting a new route along the North Side of the mountain. Ultimately they were unable to complete that route due to poor weather conditions, but the story of their journey remains an intriguing one. In … Read more

25 of the Best Adventure Photos of All Time

Adventure photography has gotten so popular and impressive that it has pretty much branched out into its own category. Typically the shots are of an outdoor athlete performing some amazing feat in an equally amazing setting, although for my money a good adventure photo doesn’t have to have anyone else in it at all. Instead, … Read more

Video: After the Avalanche – Cory Richards Talks About Life with PTSD

Last week I shared the powerful story of Cory Richards, a mountaineer and Nat Geo photographer who suffers from PTSD in such a way that has actually brought a cycle of self-destructive behavior to his life. The PTSD manifested itself after he was nearly killed in an avalanche while climbing Gasherbrum II a few years … Read more