Video: Eco-Challenge Patagonia 2021 Already Looks Intense and Amazing

It has only been a little more than month since Eco-Challenge made its triumphant return on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service, but already we’re catching a glimpse of what is to come. Viewers are only now starting to recover from the intense reality show, which featured dozens of four-person teams racing across some of … Read more

If You Want to Sign Up For Eco-Challenge Patagonia, You Better Hurry!

Eco-Challenge has been a success for Mark Burnett and Amazon, bringing adventure racing to a worldwide audience for the first time in years. Not long after it made its debut on the Prime Video streaming platform a couple of weeks back, it was announced that the next edition of the “world’s toughest race” would take … Read more

Video: 15 Tips for Competing in Adventure Races Like Eco-Challenge

Judging from the amount of excitement swirling around Eco-Challenge these days, and the fact that another edition is already in the works, I’m sure there are more than few newcomers to the sport of adventure racing. If you’re thinking about signing up for the next “World’s Toughest Race,” you’ll want to watch this video first. … Read more

Registration for Eco-Challenge 2021 is Now Open

Eco-Challenge Fiji only just appeared on Amazon Prime Video last Friday, but fans of the show—and adventure racing in general—already have something new to look forward to. Over the weekend, registration opened for the next edition of the event, with an entirely new location set to entice racers and viewers alike. Because of executive producer Mark … Read more

Eco-Challenge Fiji—World’s Toughest Race Arrives on Amazon Prime on August 14

We’ve been waiting with great anticipation for months now, but we finally have an official date for when Eco-Challenge Fiji will arrive on Amazon Prime Video. The world’s toughest race, hosted by Bear Grylls no less, will make its return to television after a 17-year hiatus on August 14. What can we expect from this … Read more

The Adventure Podcast Episode 110: An Interview with Adventure Racing Legend Mike Kloser

Adventure Podcast Banner

This week on The Adventure Podcast we welcome adventure racing legend (and our friend!) Mike Kloser to the show. Mike worked with Dave and Kraig at Expedition Alaska a few years back, so they reminisce about that race, as well as several others that Mike participated in over the years. That includes the revived Eco-Challenge … Read more

The Adventure Podcast Episode 76: Why We Are So Excited About the Return of Eco-Challenge

Adventure Podcast Banner

Episode 76 of The Adventure Podcast is now available for download on your favorite podcast platform. On this week’s show we take a look at the history and legacy of Eco-Challenge, and discuss why my co-host Dave Adlard and I are so excited for its return. We also talk about the strict media blackout that … Read more